Makeup Sunscreen

Sunscreen, Makeup, Skincare: How to Combine Them Like a Pro

September 14, 2018

Here are some tips for reintroducing sunscreen into your skincare and makeup routine as you get out there for some nice spring weather.

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New Treatments for Fine Lines in Delicate Areas

September 5, 2018
Skin Tightening

These two new treatments, SkinTight Duo and SmoothEye, are absolute innovations for treating fine lines, bags under the eyes and dark circles.

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Reduce Snoring and Get Better Beauty Sleep

August 31, 2018
Skin Tightening

About 60% of the population snore, which affects their quality of sleep (not to mention the quantity of their partners’ sleep). Laser snoring treatments can help.

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Everything You Need to Know About Phototherapy

August 24, 2018
Skin Rejuvenation & Repair

Phototherapy, also known as Photodynamic therapy or LED light therapy, was developed to help medical wound healing. The fact that it also reduces acne, clears the complexion and helps the skin produce a beautiful, healthy glow was serendipitous.

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Beyond Brotox: The top treatments men want

August 17, 2018

We know that men are making more visits to skincare clinics than ever before, but which treatments are they after? Here's what we found in our own clinics..

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