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Beauty resolutions for 2015

The 12 Beauty Resolutions For 2015 You’ll Probably Stick To

December 26, 2014

Resolutions… not many people stick to them, do we? But in this article we tackle some beauty resolutions for 2015 that we think are important to your health. So this might be the one resolutions list you should really stick to this year…

1. Wash your face before going to bed

It doesn’t matter how tired you are. Just as you should brush your teeth every evening, you should also wash your face. Use makeup removal cream to unclog your pores, and then wash your face with hydrating soap (preferably PH neutral). Then rinse the soap away with clean, warm water. Dry your skin using a clean towel. Attention! Don’t scrub the towel on your face because it can irritate your skin.

2. Use SPF cream

Antinica sun screenIn Australia, and especially in the Australian summer, the sun is a major problem for our skin. even if you’re not going at the beach or the pool, apply SPF cream such as Actinica Liposomal Sunscreen on the areas of your body that are exposed to the sun (like arms, legs, neck, face, and your back). It has the highest UV protection in Australia, and prevent premature aging, and may assist preventing skin cancers. To find out more about this product, contact the clinic. 

3. Avoid tanning beds

Having tanned skin makes you feel more confident in yourself and gives you a great summerish look. But if you don’t have time to lay in the sun you might be tempted to book a few bed tanning sessions.

Don’t. They can be so harmful we are not even going to start talking about that. Instead, you can get a healthy, natural looking tan by using a spray tan or a tanning cream.

4. Drink more water

It’s the summer season, so your body needs more water than usual. Our bodies are 80% water, but during the summer season we eliminate a lot more water than in the cooler seasons because we sweat more.

Drink at least 2L of water a day, and if you can, drink even more water. There really isn’t any better tip on having a glowing skin, a healthy body, and good health than this: drink more water. If you can’t drink a lot of water, replace some of it with green tea (great for body detox too!). Avoid tea that is made from medicinal plants because, if consumed in large quantities, medicinal tea can be harmful.

5. Sleep more, or sleep better

Are you getting 8 hours of sleep a night? Well, that may not be enough. It is also important that you go to sleep at a reasonable hour in the evening. The recommended sleeping interval is from 10pm until 6am; it is the best time for your body to relax and recharge its batteries.

What happens if you don’t get enough sleep? You can easily see if you rest enough at night time by watching your face in the mirror. Do you have dark bags under your eyes? Is your complexion dull and pale? Do your eyes have a sad expression even if you’re smiling and feeling rested? Then you’re probably not getting enough sleep… or you’re not sleeping “the right way”.

6. New year, new makeup bag

Do regular checkups on your makeup bag. Expired makeup products are sooo, so harmful for your body. Just like food, makeup grows bacteria on it once it expires, so there is no wonder if you wake up one day to rashes, breakouts, or infections.

Since it’s the beginning of the year, it’s the perfect time to clean up your makeup bag: if it starts to smell funny, it’s expired and it belongs in the trash.

7. Stop biting your nails

It’s a bad habit but a lot of us “suffer from” the biting nails syndrome. Unless you can bite your nails in a perfect manicure, get rid of this habit. Not only does it damage your nails, it can also damage your teeth in time.

Plus, biting your nails can cause cuticle infections. And there are lots of bacteria hiding between your nails and your fingers, so eating it is just yucky and you should definitely stop doing it.

8. Shampoo less

We know, it’s summer and it’s so hot outside. Your hair won’t fall into place, it gets greasy fast, and you feel like you have to wash it…at least once a day. However, washing your hair daily can damage it; and not only your hair suffers… the skin on your head can also be affected by frequent washes.

If you want to have good looking hair, replace frequent washes with anti-greasy hair sprays, or with products designed especially to keep hair looking fresh and clean.

9. Go for a trim

We’re talking hair again. Just because it doesn’t hurt that doesn’t mean that your hair is not suffering. Have your hair cut at regular intervals to avoid split ends.

Split ends? They’re hurting your hair in ways you can’t imagine: the ends of the hair are brittle and fragile, which makes your hair prone to damage. Split ends can travel higher up the hair shaft, thus causing more trouble.

Have your hair cut, trimmed, and back into shape.

10. Exercise more

You hear this a lot and to be honest it is probably the one element on this list you won’t stick to this year. But hey, here’s the bright side: you can take baby steps. Like, literally, steps: take the stairs instead of the elevator. And while you’re at work, stand up from your desk for as many times as possible (move the printer 5 steps to the right, and the coffee machine 5 steps to the left, and so on).

11. Scrub your feet

There is nothing more unaesthetic than ruining a pair of super-sexy stilettos with cracked heels. If that doesn’t say “Yuck” on all levels, we don’t know what does.

In what regards your heels, you can have soft heels (that look amazing in those stilettos) if you scrub them every time you’re taking a shower. Even better, when you’re taking a long hot bath, let your heels’ skin soften and then scrub it with a ponce stone. Apply honey or olive oil and cover in warm, fluffy socks and leave overnight. You’ll love your baby skin heels in the morning!

12. Exfoliate your skin regularly

Not only your heels need sweet, sweet love and attention; your skin craves it too. So back to those long, hot baths we were talking about at point 11. Use a DIY home-made scrubbing cream. Here are some recipe ideas.

That’s it for today! We hope you enjoyed our list of beauty resolutions and we hope you’ll stick to at least 8 of them (well, we hope you’ll stick to all 12, but we’re not perfect either).

Now it’s your turn…

  • What are your resolutions for 2015 in what regards your health and your body?
  • What actions are you going to take to improve the way you feel?
  • Do you think a positive attitude upon your New Year’s resolutions will help you achieve them easier? Or will it just lead to procrastination?

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