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laser skin tightening treatment

4 Proven Techniques To Tighten & Strengthen Your Skin

March 2, 2016

Around the age of 30, your skin starts to go through some major changes. Scientific evidence has shown that the structure of collagen in your skin is replaced every year; but from 30 onwards, whilst you are getting new collagen, it is becoming weaker and weaker.

This causes laxity, sagging and looseness of the skin. Your cheeks, eyebrows and eyelids start to fall, your jowls slowly start sagging. The process of ageing can not be stopped, but things can be done to slow it down. Treatments that tighten and strengthen your skin are known to achieve great results in this matter.

4 successful treatments to tighten & strengthen your skin

Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia has many years of experience performing beauty treatments and a great deal of expertise in how to achieve a stronger, firmer and tighter skin.

We established that four main treatments bring the best results in making you look younger through immediately firming your skin.

All of these treatments are extremely easy and safe. They offer immediate firming and tightening of the skin on your body and face, and the effects continue to improve over the next six months. Each session lasts for about an hour and involves no downtime. You do not become red or swollen afterwards, so you can go straight back to your daily routine.

“The initial tightening is due to contraction of the protein structures that make up our collagen framework, the structural support of our skin,” explains Dr Cussell. “Heat contracts and shrinks protein structures instantly, so there are immediate visual improvements even before you leave our clinic.”

The ongoing strengthening, firming and lifting of your skin progresses over the next six months or so.

This is due to the same heat causing a release of growth factors, which in turn stimulates the production of additional collagen and new skin matrix material. Collagen fibres and skin structure are made from collagen-producing cells that are stimulated by this heat process.

Natural collagen regrowth

We are increasing your natural skin regrowth but in a much more effective way. Instead of ageing with less dense and strong structure, we are actually boosting your skin’s structure and helping it stay younger for longer. This means that we are not only getting you a younger appearance, we can also reverse the ageing process.

Dr Cussell emphasises that as this natural collagen regrowth phase repeats itself every six months, improvements can be maximised by repeating these treatments over the course of time. He also highlights the additional benefits of skin tightening and strengthening treatments. “By doing so,” he mentions, “we get a cumulative, enhanced and added incremental improvement with each successive treatment.”

How do these treatments work?

All of these four skin tightening treatments address various areas of the face and body.

Dr Cussell further explains, “The multiple forms of energy are directed into different depths of the skin, where they target the collagen. Therefore, each treatment produces deep heat in the skin, leading to immediate skin tightening and an ongoing skin collagen strengthening.”

Excellent solutions for different skin treatments

The treatments use ultrasound energy, radio frequency energy or long pulse deep laser energy.

Ultrasound energy

We prefer using the newer ultrasound energy machines for most areas of the face and body. The advantage is that they are very strong and effective, but cause less pain and are much more comfortable for the patient. They are also adapted to treat smaller areas, such as the skin around the eyelids and eyebrows.

Radio frequency energy uses both the well-known Thermage machine and the newer radio frequency needling machines.


The Thermage treatment has been developed over a period of over eight years and has already treated several thousand people. It is ideal for those with a thicker skin type and provides excellent long-term results. To be as effective as the newer ultrasound machines, the degree of heat used does cause more discomfort, but we use painkillers with Thermage to make it more comfortable.

Radio frequency needling machines

The new types of radio frequency needling machines are excellent, particularly for acne scarring areas. This is because they produce both a physical (Needle injury) and a heat (Radiofrequency Energy) stimulation of new collagen at the same time. They are also able to go a lot deeper than lasers and can target all aspects of the acne scarring, from the superficial to the deeper layers in the skin.

Skin repair lasers are unable to reach such deeper depths. The other advantage of radio frequency needling machines is that the recovery time is almost immediate, with redness settling within an hour of treatment. For Chinese and Asian skin types in general, there is no risk of skin darkening or pigmentation, providing the treatment process is done correctly.

Long pulse laser

The fourth type of skin strengthening and lifting treatment we recommend is a very quick procedure using a specially adapted long pulse laser. This is a 20 minute, add-on maintenance procedure that we recommend to be used at intervals between having the stronger ultrasound treatments.

Long pulse laser treatments produce no discomfort, no redness and no downtime. They add immediate tightening to the new collagen production and are set at a cheaper price.
These treatments can be used as a more regular stand alone treatment package for tightening, instead of the deeper ultrasound procedures.

However, to achieve the same long lasting effect, they need to be done at regular monthly intervals. For this reason, the treatments mostly appeal to people who can come in on a regular basis.

In this video Dr Garry Cussell gives a quick overview of the most popular, modern and effective skin tightening treatments:

We offer complimentary consultations to our patients, based exclusively on their individual skin type and requirements. If you want to know which treatment is best for your skin, book a consultation with one of our experts today!

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