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4 Simple Ways To Get Fit Without Surgery Or Heavy Exercise

July 28, 2014

If work keeps you busy from early morning until late in the evening, you’re left with zero time to stay fit. A lot of the people who are just like you end up becoming overweight and may turn to having surgery for fat loss.

But thanks to CoolSculpting you don’t have to. And there are at least three other ways to stay fit – read this article until the end to find out what they are.

1. Cool Sculpting

Perhaps your goal is to stay fit, lose weight and not put back the weight you lost. But when trying to do that, two problems can occur:

  • One: You cannot get rid of the fat from certain areas of your body (i.e.: hips, abdomen) – no matter how much you exercise.
  • Two: You don’t have time to exercise because your schedule is full (i.e.: work, taking care of children, house duties, etc)

Is it possible to get rid of unwanted fat in this situation?
The simple answer is ‘yes’. Just a few sessions of Cool Sculpting can help. At Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia we’ve had numerous patients who used Cool Sculpting in Sydney to get rid of unwanted fat deposits.

The best thing about Cool Sculpting is that it is a non-invasive procedure, and the results are visible in a very short time! So if you want to lose weight, eliminate fat cells and stay fit (and get all these results in between your lunch meals!), you may want to learn more about Cool Sculpting by taking advantage of booking in for a FREE CONSULTATION.

2. Take the stairs

Do you hear this a lot from your peers (or from your conscience):“You should exercise more. You should go to the gym. You’re gaining weight because your schedule is so hectic.”?

Well, not all of us have time for daily exercises, do we?

The good news is you don’t have to do formal exercise daily; you don’t have to go the the gym. So tell your conscience to keep its voice down (hehe). Here’s one idea – increase the amount of incidental exercise you do on a daily basis, such as taking the stairs.

It doesn’t matter how many flights you have to conquer, do not take the elevator. By simply taking the stairs and not the elevator, you can do the right amount of daily exercise your body needs to keep fit.

Of course, this will not get rid of the fat deposits that are difficult to eliminate. These fat deposits will can very very challenging to get rid of – even if you exercise hard. So if this is what you need – eliminating fat from unwanted areas such as belly fat – click here to see how we can help.

But taking the stairs will not keep you fit unless you eat properly. So let’s see tip number 3.

3. Eat healthy foods

You’ve probably heard this a thousand times before. Don’t roll your eyes just yet and read what follows next: it’s a challenge.

Want to notice some REAL results with this “eating healthy” thing? Why not accept the following challenge…

Starting on Monday and for 7 days in a row (don’t cheat, 7 days is 7 days – not one cookie less!) avoid eating fats, sweets, pastas, fast food, chocolate, and other non-healthy foods. We’re sure you already know the foods you should avoid in your diet, so this should be an easy task.

Apart from eating healthy for 7 days in a row, follow the instructions on point 4, which says “Stay hydrated”. You should notice the results at the end of these 7 days on your skin: cleaner skin, less pimples, reduced dark circles around your eyes.

4. Stay hydrated

This one’s really difficult. Probably more challenging than eating healthy. Seriously.

Drink at least 2 litres of liquids per day. Now, 2 litres is a lot of liquid if you’re not used to it. But for the sake of our challenge, drink 2 litres of liquid per day for 7 days in a row. You may notice that, at the end of the 7 days, your body craves for the 2 litres, they become a normal thing to your body, something natural, easy to consume.

You don’t have to drink only water. If you can’t drink water, replace it with tea. Or natural juice (but don’t go overboard with fruit juice because it is sugar-rich).

These are our tips to stay healthy and fit. And if there’s fat on your body that no exercise will eliminate, book Cool Sculpting in Sydney because it can do wonders. The fatty areas will soon be just a fading memory…

Now is your turn…

  • What other means of staying fit can you think of?
  • Have you recently lost weight in spite of having a busy schedule? How did you do it?
  • Did you use Cool Sculpting to lose weight? Why? What results did you get?

We can’t wait to see your thoughts in the Comments section, so don’t be afraid to share them with us!

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