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Tighten & Strengthen Skin

5 ways to tighten & strengthen skin

July 28, 2017

At Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia, we have 5 types of different skin tightening and strengthening treatments, incorporating the use of several types of deep laser heating to tighten skin. We can use these in combination with ultrasound and radio frequency energy technology to obtain optimal skin tightening results. There is a another form of skin tightening and strengthening using specific deep radio frequency needling into the dermal and sub-dermal area which additionally improves texture and scarring of the skin.

We are pioneers in research and development, combining these heat therapies with injecting growth factors from blood or fat (e.g. different types of platelet rich plasma and stem cells) to achieve increased collagen production and thus thickening and strengthening of the skin. We are performing ongoing research into the best techniques, timing, concentration and frequency of treatments to obtain maximum results.

Scientifically, how can skin tightening and strengthening be achieved with these machines and injection techniques?

Skin tightening occurs because a form of concentrated, and carefully focused depth of heat causes heating of protein structures which make up the collagen network of one’s skin. This heating causes contraction of protein, the deeper layers of skin contracts, it then feels tighter and firmer, and looks slimmer and lifted.

The expertise of the treating doctor or clinician is critical to obtain optimal results, there are many variables the technician must be experts in, such as:

– The differences between the types of technology.
– The precise focusing and concentrating the important layers of the skin.
– The focusing ability and the concentrating ability of the machine being used.
– The number of shots or passes that are performed in each treatment.

The science of skin renewal has been well studied and understood for many years. We know how heat stimulation causes some tightening and strengthening in every case. Essentially the heat creates a wound injury, so as well as contracting and tightening protein structures, the wound injury causes the body’s healing or wound response. This healing response initiates a cascade of events starting with the release of heat shock proteins. These heat shock proteins in turn cause the release of a cascade of growth factors that are important in initiating the activation and multiplication of collagen inducing cells (fibrocytes and fibroblasts). These collagen producing cells multiply and start to grow gradually into additional collagen fibres. These fibres are tensile strands of protein densely packed and form a mesh of framework. This supports the fluid consistency of the deeper structure or framework of our skin layer.
This process mimics, duplicates and compounds the natural process that occurs in our skin every day, week and month. Our skin growth is not static but is constantly changing. Like everything in nature our skin structure, cells and fibres, go through a life-cycle. Every day multiple old collagen fibres (strands of protein) break down and are excreted. We also replace these strands of fibre with new protein or collagen fibres. The process of this is regulated by our body by the same growth factors controlling the multiplication of these collagen producing cells. Science has identified over 450 growth factors that are responsible for the regulation of the collagen fibre life-cycle.

So why do we age and how can we slow down the ageing process?

By understanding the scientific facts, we are able to simulate, increase and duplicate this process by anything that will release more growth factors and consequently cause more cell multiplication causing additional multiplication of collagen fibres.
Every year as we age, the number, quality and tensile elastic strength of these fibres is gradually diminished. We are not able to produce a stronger and a younger collagen fibre but many of the techniques that are used are able to increase the quantity of these collagen fibres. We are able to reduce ageing by increasing the quantity of new collagen fibres produced – this can be compounded and has an accumulative affect, which can slow down the ageing of skin.
All of our skin tightening treatments can increase the strength of skin – making it firmer so it holds better, looks slimmer and sags less.

Does skin strengthening and tightening work equally well on all different types of skin?

The answer is not clear, however our on-going research will make it clearer over time. We know that a thicker, stronger and younger skin will respond to these heat treatments more effectively. We know that a thinner, finer skin with a less deep subcutaneous skin responds much better via a combination of skin thickening or strengthening injections of growth factors simultaneously with a less intense heat wound injury. The timing of each treatment is important and so far, we have found that combining growth factor injections immediately after the heat wound injury produces better results.

Ever heard of Radio Frequency Needling

What are the differences between the various skin tightening treatments and what are the advantages?

The differences are mainly related to:
1. The degree of the heat wound injury.
2. The position of the heat wound injury in certain depths of the skin (determined by the individual person, which is highly variable and must be specifically adjusted for each client).
3. The number of shots creating the degree of wound injury.
4. The timing of each procedure.

At Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia, we have a wide variety of treatment options paired with in-depth knowledge of all skin types. This allows us to tailor the most suitable treatment for you.

sydney thermage clinic

Our skin tightening and strengthening treatments:

Skin Tightening with Ultrasound – Ultraformer & Ulthera

Radio Frequency Energy – Thermage

Skin Tightening with Laser – SkinTight

Radio Frequency Energy – Gold Tip Needling

Feel like your skin could be firmer and stronger?

We have 5 types of skin tightening and strengthening treatments, book now for a complimentary consultation.

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