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arion laser hair removal

6 Things You Should Know Before Getting Laser Hair Removal In Sydney

December 22, 2014

If you have already booked your Arion laser hair removal session with one of our clinicians, then you probably already know what you need to do to prep for your treatment. But if you’re still considering whether or not to get laser hair removal in Sydney, here are some of the things to take into consideration before you make your appointment:

1. Don’t wax before the hair removal session

It’s important that your hair goes through a full growth cycle before you attend your first laser hair removal session. So whether you’ve been waxing your entire life or only once in a while, make sure you give up your waxing sessions 2 months before the laser hair removal session.

2. But you should shave

And it is recommended you do. Shaving helps avoid skin rashes or irritations. At the same time, it allows the laser hair removal technician to see hair follicles. It also helps the laser machine identify hair follicles easier. So the evening before your laser hair removal session, shave the area you want your hair removed.

3. Laser hair removal requires several sessions

What most people don’t know is that laser hair removal is not once and for all. You’ll have to attend several sessions for the hair removal to be complete and permanent. It takes between 6 to 9 sessions, otherwise the results might not be long-lasting.

The best thing to do is discuss your options with one of our trained clinicians. You can call for a free consultation.

4. Cancel your laser hair removal session if you’re on antibiotics

It should be at least 2 weeks before your appointment that you stop taking antibiotics. They can cause really bad damage to your skin if you’re taking them while attending laser hair removal.

5. Don’t tan

We know it’s the summer season and you really want to go to the beach or the pool… but if you do, avoid getting tanned in the areas you want laser hair removal. Why? The laser absorbs your tan and leaves your skin discolored – so don’t trust your laser hair removal with someone who tells you otherwise.

6. Yes, it hurts… a little

Laser hair removal works by using a laser to explode hair follicles. So the treatment does hurt a little. To make a comparison, a lot of people say that the feeling resembles an elastic band being snapped against your skin.

Have more questions?

So that’s our advice on getting ready for a laser hair removal session. If you have any other questions about the procedure, or if you want to book laser hair removal in Sydney, please contact us now.

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