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Why Do We Age

Why Do We Age and How Can We Slow Down The Ageing Process?

November 15, 2017

We all know as the years go on, our skin starts to shows visible signs of ageing. Dr Garry Cussell explains the science behind skin ageing and how we can slow down the inevitable  process. 

Dr Cussell explains, “Every year as we age, the reproduction of the number and quality of tensile elastic fibres in our skin is gradually diminished. We aren’t capable of producing a stronger and younger collagen fibre, however many of the skin tightening techniques that are used at Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia are able to increase the quantity of these collagen fibres. So every year, we are able to reduce ageing by increasing the quantity of new collagen fibres produced – this can be compounded and has an accumulative affect which can slow down the ageing of skin.”

At Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia we have many different skin tightening options. Each work to increase the strength of skin, making it firmer so it holds better, looks slimmer and sags less. Our options include:

Skin Tightening with Ultrasound – Ultraformerstrengthen your skin
Ultherapy Skin Tightening
RF Needling

What are the differences between the various skin tightening treatments?

1. The degree of the heat wound injury
2. The position of the heat wound injury in certain depths of the skin (determined by the individual person, which is highly variable and must be specifically adjusted for each client).
3. The number of shots creating the degree of wound injury.
4. The timing of each procedure.

What are the advantages of the main 4 types of heat wound injuries on different skin, and what are the optimal treatments to use?

Dr Garry Cussell explains there are two main types of machines using the same technology, we have the Ultraformer and the Ulthera machines – both of them use ultrasound energy that can be specifically focused using a range of depths. Both machines have a number of different transducers and it is important to use the right depth of transducer for each individual, according to the depths of skin. It is important not to go too deep for a thin skin and it is important to go thick enough for a deeper skin.

The difference between these two machines is basically that the Ulthera is limited to 3 different depths, and the Ultraformer has 5 different depths commonly used for the face and neck area. With these treatments experience is vital for optimum results, our clinic has used both machines extensively and has performed well over 4,000 treatments.

Another type of technique is via the use of radio frequency energy using the Thermage machine. It is also very effective at causing immediate skin tightening and strengthening by development of collagen. Unfortunately radio frequency energy cannot be focused at such exact and specific depths as ultrasound. It produces excellent results however requires increased energy into desired depths. To do this, higher energy is needed and is quite an intense heat requiring painkillers. Despite this, the results are excellent and most people with a good pain threshold will see excellent results with Thermage, they are usually happy to continue treatment every 6 months.

The third type of skin tightening we utilise in clinic is with laser, SkinTight. Using modern laser technology, laser can be focused, and project heat to different depths of skin with certain machines. By increasing certain parameters of the machine (pulse duration, spot size and wavelength) we are able to direct heat into the same deeper layers of skin achieved with the radio frequency heating machines. Clinically this is a much gentler treatment, but equally produces immediate and excellent skin tightening, firming and collagen stimulation. Treatment for these are recommended every 1-2 months, and more treatments closer together produce optimal results. We recommend a package of 6 treatments each done 1-2 months apart on an ongoing basis – every year.

A 4th type of treatment involves passing radio frequency energy (similar to Thermage) but through individual needles that are pushed to different depths of the skin. This Radio Frequency Needling treatment (RF Needling) is a technique combining both the heat wound injury (causing collagen contraction, tightening and collagen cell multiplication) with the physical wound injury of the gold needle passing directly through different depths of the skin. It is also a proven science that physical needling at different depths also causes skin to retract, tighten and release growth factors. This gold-tip needling causes a combination of both and the depth can be specifically targeted to different depths by the machines (0.5mm – 3.5mm thoughout the skin) other features controlled by the machine is the amount of heat that’s radiated through these needles and the length of time that the heat is turned on with each needle pass. This treatment requires a surface local anaesthetic to make the treatment more comfortable, it is relatively comfortable but not as pain-free as the ultrasound technique, which is the most comfortable, tolerable and eagerly repeated treatment by patients. The advantage of the radio frequency needling technique is mainly where we don’t only want to contract and strengthen the deeper layers of the skin (subcutaneous area – down to 3.5mm depth), but also to produce skin repair and rejuvenation through the first 2 layers of skin (epidermis & dermal layers). Therefore, this is an excellent and one of the best techniques combined with deep and surface laser repair treatments for textural imperfection of skin caused by acne and acne scarring and course pores.

In summary, all four of these heat technologies produce similar effects. They require the best technology utilisation for individual skin types and concerns, and require a great deal of expertise in specific application tailored for each individual person and skin type.

At our clinic we have pioneered the use of these machines in Australia, we continuously conduct ongoing research and development and have several clinicians, doctors and nurses preforming these treatments on a daily basis with ongoing experience and training in new techniques. These treatments should not be done by novices or new clinics which don’t specialise in skin strengthening and repair treatments.



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