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What Can You Expect During Your Anti-Wrinkle Treatment?

July 21, 2014

Anti-wrinkle injections are relatively pain-free. A great deal of our patients who fear needles are surprised at the ease of the treatment. Here is how a typical anti-wrinkle consultation works:

1. Before the treatment

Together with one of our experience Doctor or Nurse team, we decide upon the areas of your face that need to be treated. Then we book a treatment session.

Upon your arrival there is a 10-15 minute consultation. During this time we will let you know of all the details of the procedure, the results you can expect, as well as any possible side-effects.

Depending on your budget we decide on the optimum number of units to inject. You are given a written information sheet and asked to sign a informed consent.

2. During the treatment

If necessary your skin is first numbed on the areas that are going to be treated.

The specialised doctor or nurse will then carefully place the anti-wrinkle injections in the areas that are causing the skin to wrinkle. The solution prevents the nerves from moving (contracting) the muscle, therefore smoothing the overlying skin.

The actual injection time is 2-3 minutes.

3. After the treatment

Following the treatment your recovery is immediate. You may experience some faint redness or needle-prick marks of the areas that disappear quickly. Rarely, there is slight bruising that can last for a few days. Ladies can apply makeup immediately, thus masking the effects of the injections.

4. Results

The full results are visible 7-14 days after the procedure. We ask you to come back 2 weeks following the procedure to make sure your results are optimal and that you are satisfied.

You should enjoy the results of anti-wrinkle injections for about 3-6 months. But with repeated treatments the recovery process is delayed (after about 2-3 years). Thus the more you come for anti-wrinkle injections, the longer the results will last.

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