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Anti-wrinkle injections

How much do anti-wrinkle injections cost?

February 24, 2016

Anti-ageing treatments are becoming ever more popular, with the rise of injectables – a non-surgical method to regain a more youthful appearance, despite the passing of time.

As we approach our wonderful 30s, our lifestyle begins to take it’s toll on our physical appearance. Natural ageing, sun exposure, diet and facial expressions cause lines and wrinkles that become more visible with the passing of time.

Anti-wrinkle injections are becoming increasingly popular for patients wishing to prevent or treat these lines. A quick and convenient way to smooth out the skin, anti wrinkle injections can be adapted to the needs of every client, who can benefit from a complete, tailored customer treatment program.

How are the treatments priced?

One of the first questions we are often asked in regards to injectables is, “How much do anti-wrinkle injections cost?”. We will answer this question later in this article.

Whilst we understand that cost is important to many people, when considering anti-wrinkle injections, there are some other very important factors to also take into account.

Read on and learn how to choose the best clinic for you, in terms of procedure, the outcomes to expect and the importance of customer care:

Specialty – experts in facial anatomy

The first, most relevant consideration is the area of expertise of your clinic. Medical aesthetic centres, like Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia, have an advantage over other clinics as they offer more complete services in the cosmetic field.

Whether it involves diverse treatment procedures, like laser therapies, injectables or peels, a specialist clinic will have in-depth experience in beauty and cosmetic treatments, from which all other treatments are developed.

Located in Sydney, Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia started out as facial rejuvenation experts, slowly expanding into more complex medical aesthetic treatments. Our injectables therapies have been regarded as industry leading, due to being tailored to each patient’s needs.

Experience – years of providing cosmetic injections

It is also important to note the years of experience a clinic has in providing injectables, as well as their ability to adapt to new trends and technology.

To gain better insight into the extent of experience a clinic has, try researching the staff and their backgrounds, qualifications and what other patients say about them:

Are they specialised in certain fields of aesthetic treatments?

  • Do they constantly improve their expertise, by up-taking new training and certificates?
  • Are they passionate about their fields and offer ongoing support to patients?
  • Are the injecting staff qualified nurses and under the supervision of a doctor (legal requirement for all anti-ageing injections)

Medical aesthetics awardWith over 22 years experience in non-invasive cosmetic treatments, Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia is an award-winning clinic that has focused on continued research and development.

We constantly strive to keep up with trends and technology, providing only state of the art therapies and tailored customer service. Unlike other clinics, we also employ a full time training & education coordinator to ensure the continual improvement of our staff.

Safety measures – preparing for the worst

Anti-wrinkle injections are minimally-invasive treatments; but like any other medical treatment, we need to have a plan for when things don’t go as expected.

Whether a clinic has taken safety measures to prevent and treat emergencies is a good indicator of professionalism. When enquiring about injectables and potential side-effects, make sure the clinic acknowledges things can go wrong and has a plan should that eventuate.

At Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia, we are proud of the success rates of our treatments, which is why we dominate the market for injectables and other cosmedical treatments. When you visit us, you will be sure to find medical expertise for the treatment you desire, as well as a general practitioner on-site in case of adverse reactions.

Quality – from trusted sources

You can tell if a clinic practices what it preaches when employees or clinicians are patients themselves. So when researching this aspect, keep a close eye on testimonials and employee satisfaction. You can check the clinic’s social media profiles to see how the brand and services are perceived.

To personally evaluate the work, you can visit the clinic on-site. Discussing treatment benefits with staff members who are both expert professionals and patients, gives you further insight into the quality of the treatments.

Another way to evaluate quality is through case studies and documented treatments. These could be patients who agreed to do a ‘Behind the scenes’ video or a ‘Before and After’ photo shoot.

Clinics are keen to showcase their best-practices to potential patients, so browse their social media profiles for more information, as well as public sentiment towards their practice.

Our registered nurses would not recommend any treatment they wouldn’t try themselves – which is why many of our nurses are Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia patients. There is great degree of trust in the services we provide our patients, which comes from great passion and continuous education and training.

Full consultation – before and after the treatment

How important is a thorough consultation?

Consider the procedure of anti-wrinkle injections – as a customer, you’ve researched the topic and you know the treatment you want. But without a medical background, how can you tell if the treatment is best for you in the long term?

In essence, consultation is fundamental to the design of every aesthetic treatment, as it is reliant on the patient’s lifestyle and facial anatomy.

This is what makes Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia stand out – we offer a complimentary consultation and design treatments with you in mind. We strive to ensure you have access to the treatment that best suits your needs and your lifestyle.

As part of our customer care package, you also get post-treatment consultation/check-up and ongoing support to ensure you are happy with the results.

The best price with the best practice

By now, you understand the implications of getting best-practice anti-wrinkle injections and you know what to look for in a clinic.

Putting a price on anti-wrinkle injection treatments is difficult, as these are heavily reliant on the factors described above, especially the custom treatment aspect, which is reliant on your personal needs and desired results.

When you consider clinic experience, specialty, customer care and the quality of the treatments, you can balance the price and better choose the clinic that is right for you.

Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia have been offering best-practice aesthetic treatments for 22 years. Our injectables therapies are very price competitive due to the size of our clinic and our buying power. You can find the list for our most popular anti-wrinkle injections here.

If you want to find out more about how anti-aging treatments can benefit you in the long run, contact us and we will do our best to help you!

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