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What Are Antioxidants In Skincare?

September 14, 2020

Antioxidants are probably the most beneficial group of active ingredients in skin care. They can prevent and repair signs of ageing, and reverse oxidative stress caused by free radicals damage, UV radiation and pollutants.

Ultimately, they are effective at improving your skin’s complexion by soothing, brightening, hydrating and evening out your skin’s texture and tone.

How do antioxidants work?

Antioxidants mainly work by fighting off free radicals.

Free radicals are oxygen molecules that have split up and separated their electrons. Because electrons like to be in pairs, the split-up oxygen atoms naturally try to find electrons to pair with in your living cells. This can cause damage to cell proteins and cell DNA, which results in signs of ageing in your skin and bodily tissues.

Free radicals come from the air we breathe, the food we eat and even our surrounding pollutants (especially if you live in a city with lots of traffic).

Antioxidants provide electrons to free radicals, essentially neutralising them so that they stop wreaking havoc on your cells.

How do you find skincare with antioxidants?

Simply put, the most effective antioxidants used in skincare are Vitamins A, B and C. These vitamins not only fight off free radical damage, but they have additional benefits as well.

Vitamin A helps promote collagen production and natural cell turnover for anti-aging benefits.

Vitamin B is a potent anti-inflammatory that helps soothe the skin. Studies have found that topical use of Vitamin B helps your skin restore its natural barrier to retain hydration and protect the skin from external damage from pollutants.

Vitamin C works synergistically with Vitamin A by helping your cells synthesise collagen. It also helps regulate pigment for a brighter, more even skin tone.

Plenty of plant extracts also have antioxidant properties, such as Chamomile, Mangosteen and Jojoba have antioxidant properties. These are not as common in skincare, but they are used in the base of many RejuvAus serums.

How to use antioxidants in skincare

Antioxidants need to penetrate the skin in order to work effectively. We recommend using an antioxidant serum rather than a cream as serums will absorb better.

If you cleanse and exfoliate before applying your antioxidant serum, it will help remove surface congestion and dead skin cells, so your serum will penetrate better.

You can apply your antioxidant serums morning and night, after cleansing/exfoliating but before moisturiser or sunscreen.

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