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Here’s Why Beauty is Better with your Bestie

July 5, 2018

Trialling a new skincare routine or visiting the beauty clinic are not only more fun when you do it with your friends, but sharing with friends can actually help you reach your beauty and skin care goals sooner.

They call it a “beauty regimen” for a reason. Whether your goals are to moisturise and cleanse daily, exfoliate weekly, get a professional treatment biannually, eat more skin-friendly foods or get into shape, doing it with a friend can really help you stick to your routine.

Countless fitness gurus have suggested working out with a friend because you’re less likely to skip the gym if you know you’re meeting someone there. Similarly, with skin care, you can check in with each other on how you’re following your routines, try a new raw food café together, bond over taking a new journey together, and celebrate results as they begin to appear.

“Results take time, so the patients who get the best results are those who make a skincare plan and stick to it,” says Sarah Lees, Clinician at Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia. If you’re doing treatments to rebuild collagen, for example, your cells will start rebuilding the existing collagen fibres as well as creating new collagen. If you miss a treatment or forget to use products that protect your skin cells from damage, you risk damaging the fibre and taking a small step backward in the process.

If you take the journey with a friend who shares the same love for their skin, you can encourage each other, remind each other of important treatment dates, and better stick to your goals. As Sarah Lees also pointed out, some of our patients do injectable treatments with their friends to help stave off first-time jitters.

We also can’t forget, friends make the journey more fun! You can schedule treatments and lunch together, bounce ideas about new looks, laugh over novelties and even bond over the fact that when people start to notice how great you look, only you and your bestie know why.

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