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6 Beauty Trends That Will Change the Game in 2019

January 4, 2019

Last year brought us more me-time with beauty masks, a surge in mineral makeup as the people (rightfully) demanded cleaner cosmetics, and hyaluronic acid in just about everything. At Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia we welcomed some new technology to treat pigmentation and scarring with amazing results.

We expect the biggest beauty trends of 2019 to be even more conscientious as we embrace our natural selves, but also more sophisticated when it comes to our skincare routines.

Liquid Beauty

Liquid will likely be the beauty term of 2019, from liquid exfoliators to liquid face lifts. In reality, some of this is just trendy branding, but some of these liquid trends do hold some water.

Liquid exfoliators are a beauty trend of 2019 that we’re excited about. Unlike exfoliating scrubs with abrasive ingredients or exfoliating beads, liquid exfoliators use natural acids to dissolve the dead skin cells. The at-home liquid exfoliators coming out now are basically gentle chemical peels (also known as lactobotanical peels). The acids are made from fruit enzymes or other food sources. Our Senior Clinician Rachael Drummond has long recommended liquid exfoliators to her patients because physical exfoliating scrubs can actually cause unwanted micro damages and bits of scar tissue in your skin. Exfoliating with fruit enzymes and lactic acids has less risk, as long as you don’t exfoliate too often (2-3 times per week maximum) and wear sunscreen because your fresh, exfoliated skin can be more sensitive to the sun.

The liquid face lift, which is predicted for major popularity in 20191, is unfortunately just clever re-branding of existing anti-ageing treatments.

One treatment with the liquid face lift moniker was previously been known as the Glow Factor injection, Beauty Booster injection or Microfiller. This treatment involves micro-injections to distribute tiny amounts of dermal filler, vitamins and antioxidants into the surface layer of your skin. It treats fine lines, dull appearance and crepey skin texture to bring out a healthy, dewy appearance.

The more basic form of the liquid face lift is the use of dermal fillers to restore lost volume, fill out wrinkles and lift sagging skin. They’re often used in conjunction with anti-wrinkle injections for better results and prevention of further wrinkles forming.

More Natural-Looking Results

Byrdie Beauty exposed the truth last November when they published “The Secret Cosmetic Procedure Almost Every Beauty Editor Gets.2” It turns out that almost everybody gets anti-wrinkle injections, nobody talks about them.

As the popularity of anti-wrinkle injections spreads, our doctors are seeing the trend shift toward a less frozen look. Patients are asking for a little more movement, and beauty editors predict this to be even more popular in 20193. Our Registered Nurse Kellie Kemppanien is a fan of this trend, “that’s how we roll,” she says, “it’s why people like us, because we don’t overdo their faces. It’s better to wait two weeks and add a few units if needed than to add too much and wait for it to wear off.”

She added that more of her patients are asking for more movement; “If you’re talking to someone and your face doesn’t move, you miss so much. And if you add too much [anti-wrinkle product] to the forehead, your eyebrows sit too low and you end up looking tired. More people are realising that.”

This more natural look can be achieved by using fewer units with more frequent treatments. According to our Clinical Director Dr Garry Cussell, there is an added benefit to this. Anti-wrinkle injections work by neutralising the proteins on the nerve endings of relevant muscles, he says. These nerve proteins gradually rebuild themselves, which makes the effects of anti-wrinkle injections wear off. If you return for treatment before the proteins have completely rebuilt, you can achieve a cumulative effect and you’ll eventually require fewer units for the same result. At Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia we have a loyalty program to help you achieve this cumulative effect.

Less in the Lip

Lips that ballooned in popularity over the past few years have very recently deflated, especially since Kylie Jenner, the internet darling who sparked the big luscious lip trend, dissolved much of the filler in her lips. Nurse Kellie has definitely noticed that patients are starting to request more subtle volume, and the few who still want something dramatic are happier to inject small amounts over time. “It’s not good practice to inject more than 1ml at a time anyway because there’s a greater risk of swelling or occlusion, so I’ll always do it in installments,” Nurse Kellie says.

This trend will probably continue in 2019 as people put more importance on shape instead of size. Lip filler treatments to balance symmetry, enhance the Cupid’s bow or bring out a “lip flip” will mean much more than volume in 2019.

Sophisticated Skincare

We’re all becoming more sophisticated about skincare, more sceptical about magic creams with big claims, and we’re sharing more information than ever. The beauty industry finally took note and 2019 will probably be a peak year for promoting products with evidence-based ingredients to well-informed fans.

Skincare products with more active ingredients will be trending in 2019, from the tried and true Vitamins A, B and C to the newer ingredients such as Bakuchoil (extracted from the babchi plant) or its cousin resveratrol (extracted from grapes). Both have been found to be powerful preventers of skin damage, without the side effects that Vitamin A can sometimes bring to sensitive skin.

While the coffee trend passed in 2018, 2019 will likely see more products containing coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) which is a powerful antioxidant that occurs naturally in our cells’ energy centres. It acts like coffee for your skin.

Masks with active ingredients will also continue to trend going into 2019. Most masks on the current market have been designed for dry, sensitive skin but more masks are coming out for oily skin types and more specific concerns, so everyone can enjoy some pampering home-based self-care.

Beauty from Within

The emerging trend in sophisticated skincare ingredients will probably spill over into beauty supplements as well. Health and beauty often go hand in hand; when you’re healthy and feeling well on the inside, it shows on the outside.

Beauty supplements containing vitamins, probiotics, superfood extracts and even collagen have exploded on Asian beauty markets recently, and the trend is expected to spread in Australia as well.


According to a major report released by Pinterest, makeup trends will likely be glossy. Think dewy skin and glossy looking highlighter on your cheekbones. Even eyeshadows will take on a slightly glossier look, but in more neutral or citrus tones.

Mineral makeup made a name for itself last year, and we hope this continues to trend into 2019, if only for the health of your skin. Most non-mineral makeups contain fillers and materials to absorb oil, but they end up clogging pores and dehydrating your skin. Mineral makeup tends to be lighter and more breathable on your skin, especially for acne or rosacea-prone skin.

While the beauty trends of 2019 will certainly be exciting, it’s important to find the right skincare, makeup and treatments for you because you are unique. Read up on new trends and speak to a professional for recommendations. at Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia we offer free consultations


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