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The Best Skin Tightening Treatment Options

September 13, 2017

One of the most valuable contributions we can make to anti-ageing appearance medicine in the cosmetic industry, is to tackle the problem of ageing. The main feature of which is the loss of strength, elasticity and tightness of the skin – therefore increasing the lines and wrinkles, and most importantly the sagging of our skin as we age. We offer six different treatments to try and rectify, and improve the slowing down of skin ageing.

The most valuable of those treatment options these days,  in modern cosmetic medicine, is using ultrasound skin tightening.  The reason our skin ages is due to the deeper layers – the bottom ninety percent of our skin is supported by a strong network of interlaced collagen fibres which are really just protein strands that form a structural support (or a framework) of our skin.

Our skin  (like everything in nature) goes through a life-cycle and that collagen support is constantly being renewed and replaced with new collagen. The reason we age and lose our strength and elasticity is because this renewal of collagen is a  little bit less in quantity and quality every year. We’ve found its quite feasible and very successful to slow down ageing by doing  deep ultrasound treatments. The deep ultrasound creates a heat wound injury and as a result our skin is able to increase and build more collagen to strengthen and support the skin. These treatments are very successful and cause an instant tightening and lifting providing progressive strengthening of  skin over the subsequent five to six months.

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