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Body Contouring With Fat Freezing Boosts Confidence

November 16, 2015

You’re taking good care of your body, right? Going to the gym, dieting, losing weight… Seeing that, despite all your efforts, the fat “pillows” on your arms, legs, abdomen or thighs simply won’t go away gets you on the verge of frustration. You’re SO close! Why won’t they go away?

What is the solution? How can you get rid of those chunks of fat that prevent you from feeling amazing in your body?

At Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia, we have successfully treated hundreds of patients just like you, helping them achieve the looks of their dreams. “We specialise in Body Contouring treatments and we’re able to help our patients achieve the best results with slimming and contouring of any area of the body,” says Dr Cussell. “In order to choose the right treatment that will result in a favourable outcome, it’s necessary to see the patient beforehand and chat about the goals that patient has in mind.”

Freeze your fat to a lighter future

Fat freezing is the simplest and most effective method to treat small “rolls”of fat; it works by destroying fat cells through freezing and crystallising them. The treatment involves a series of one hour procedures during which a suction cup is placed over problematic rolls of fat. The fatty area is sucked inside the suction cup for an hour.

But most importantly, the fat cells are frozen without causing any damage to the skin. After a fat freezing session, 25% of all the fat and cells suctioned into the applicator cup will be permanently destroyed over the next few weeks to months. During this time, the fat is slowly broken down and taken away by the lymph and blood drainage and then excreted from the body, without any problematic side-effects.

A fat freezing treatment is suitable only for relatively small areas where a roll of fat can be drawn up and squeezed easily. This means the best areas to be treated with fat freezing are:

  • The upper part of the arms
  • Rolls of fat in the front of abdomen
  • Love handles on the sides of the abdomen
  • Certain rolls in the upper thighs
  • Any small roll of fat that will fit into the applicator cup

Unsure whether your areas of concern are appropriate for Fat Freezing? Our consultants can advise whether this permanent fat removal process is suitable for you!

Fat freezing versus dieting

The major difference between removing fat rolls with a freezing  treatment versus removing them through dieting is that the fat cells are permanently destroyed, so they cannot grow back.

When weight loss is a result of a diet, the fat will rebuild once you stop dieting and the circulating fat will re-accumulate in the areas where the fat cells remain. Sometimes, those areas accumulate even more fatty tissue as a result of ending a diet.

Fat freezing removes the fat cells permanently, so the fat has no base where it can rebuild. However, where the fat cells are removed, the skin may become loose. This is most often seen in mature adults; however it may not be a problem for younger people, as their skin is normally firm and will remain tight.

The cost of fat freezing treatments depends on the number of treatments required. The more treatment sessions you need, the cheaper each session becomes. Most people require a minimum of 4 treatments with a cost of around $3,000-3,500*as at Nov 2015, prices are subject to change.

Choosing the right treatment

When you decide to get a body Contouring procedure, you will notice that there’s an abundance of available treatments. This is why it’s important to keep in mind is that there’s a difference between a good treatment (and a lot of them are good!) and the right treatment for you (only an expert can establish that).

The 3 most popular treatments at our clinic are:

  1. Fat freezing, which can only be used for small areas where a “roll of skin and fat” can be drawn or vacuumed up into an applicator.
  2. Deep, Focussed Ultrasound – Ultrashape Version 3 that blasts fat cells and is suitable only for small “pockets” of fat where fat is at least 2cm thick.
  3. Microcannula Liposculpture that removes much more fat than all other non-surgical techniques, leaving skin looking smoother and tighter, without ripples or unevenness.

Because of the abundance of choices, we offer all our patients a consultation that is completely free of charge with one of our specialists. This is the only way that you will be able to make an informed treatment decision that is centred around your needs.

Click below to schedule a FREE consultation with one of our experts!

Drop in to one of our clinics for your free body contouring assessment, or call 1300 88 99 35 to book.

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