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Business As Unusual

April 16, 2020

Our doors may be temporarily closed, but our team is still working hard behind the scenes to support our patients.

As we continue to navigate these challenging and uncertain times, we are finding new ways to engage our community, and as always our team is approaching these challenges with passion and enthusiasm.

You can find all the latest updates and information on our COVID-19 response, including video consultations, here: Our Response To COVID-19: Service Adjustments

You can also subscribe to our newsletter for the latest advice on cosmetic medicine and clinic news, and connect with us on Facebook and Instagram.  We have some exciting things coming up, including a schedule of Facebook and Instagram Live events with Dr Cussell and other members of our expert team so you can learn how to treat your skin at home like a professional.

Our Clinicians have their own professional accounts to engage with you as well. Follow Ann-Marie, Rachael, Anna, Maria, Tatiana, Sally, Ally, Alisha, Juliette, and Erin.

Whilst we may be apart we are still very much working together, for now at Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia it is business as ‘un‘usual. . .

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Featured products and staff (in order of appearance):

Alan: M1 Super Moisturising UV Lotion Active Rx – Physical Sunblock
To be honest I’ve never really used skincare products before, but working at Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia I constantly hear how important it is to wear sunscreen everyday – in fact I’m not sure Dr Cussell would let me in the building if I didn’t! This one just so happens to be an amazing skin cream too so I get protection from UV rays and a cheeky hydrating boost that makes my skin feel great!

Erin: S3 Collagen Peptide – Pores & Fine Lines Serum
I love the S3 Collagen Peptide Serum because it’s safe for my sensitive skin and it absorbs really well! It has a number of different collagen peptides and collagen growth factors that were once only available in clinical grade products. Not only is it an incredible anti-aging serum, but it’s also helped reduce the size of my enormous pores. My skin texture looks smoother and healthier since I’ve started using it, too.

Brittany: S5 Super B – Brightening & Hydrating Serum
I love this product – it is a staple in my everyday routine. Its not only hydrating but it is also brightening and soothing. Leaves my skin feeling soft and plump through out the day. Its lightweight consistency sits well under my make up and its compliments every other Rejuvaus product I’m using.

Margarita: S2 Super Whitening & Brightening Pigment Serum
I always look forward to putting my Whitening and Brightening on every morning and night as I can see the difference in the way my pigmentation has lightened over the last 3 months of using this with my Rejuvaus routine. It feels lovely and cooling, light and fresh. It is not heavy at all and everybody tells me how clear my skin is looking!

Ally: S6 Clarifying Serum – Oily Skin & Pores Rx 2.5
This product is amazing for minimising pores, brightening skin tone and refining your skin texture! As we get older, our dead skin does not exfoliate off as regularly as it used to, which contributes to dull, lifeless complexions, enlarged pores, trapped pigmentation and acne scars. I love this serum as it is a treatment in itself. Use it at night time and wake up in the morning with smooth, refined & brighter skin. Those post-facial feels from the comfort of your own home!

Juliette: M1 Super Moisturising UV Lotion
I cannot go anywhere without this physical sunscreen, it feels light weight on my skin and sits perfectly under my makeup. This SPF contains Zinc oxide and Titanium dioxide which are the essential actives for blocking out the UV rays all day. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid and natural anti-inflammatory ingredients that leave my skin feeling rejuvenated and hydrated.

Anna: M2 Ultralight Skin Repair Moisturising Cream
I absolutely love M2 Ultralight moisturising lotion. It’s very light and non comedogenic which is really important for my oily skin. It’s full of natural antioxidants and hyaluronic acid to deeply nourish and hydrate my skin. It also works very well as a base before make up. My skin feels amazing and very soft since I’ve started using this lotion. Love it!

Annie: M1 Super Moisturising UV Lotion
The best sunscreen eevvvvverrrrrr! The perfect all-in-one product that I can rely on providing me with hydration, physical sun protection and also to use as a fantastic makeup primer. This product is also fantastic for hyper-sensitive skin types and for those people who find that chemical sunscreen creating a stinging sensation around their eye area. One pump of this product in the morning is plenty for the full face and neck.

Daniela: E2 i-Active Rx – Dark Circles & Fine Lines Vitamin A Serum
This serum is amazing for keeping my eyes rejuvenated and plump. It has multiple skin active ingredients to brighten the area and reduce signs of ageing, it’s also light and silky to apply and feels amazing when on the eye area. I can’t go through one day without applying my incredible Eye Serum!

Donna: S1++ ABC Repair & Restore Rx4 (part of the Essentials Collection)
This is a fabulous product as it has your three vitamins in the one bottle, plus many other delicious ingredients such as antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. It is so hydrating that I no longer need to use a daily moisturiser as my skin seems to “breathe better” now and my skin looks smoother and feels stronger since using it. It is completely natural with no harmful or pore blocking ingredients, which is really important to me. It also feels lovely, a little goes a long way and it smells gorgeous. I use it both morning and night as a part of my daily skincare routine.

Alisha: S6 Clarifying Serum – Oily Skin & Pores Rx 2.5
I can’t live with out this product! It has really changed my skin! I love that it’s a serum form of exfoliators as traditional scrubs tend to irritate my skin. I’ve noticed a huge difference with my pores and over all skin texture! After applying this I leave it on over night and wake up with smooth glowing skin! Heaven in a bottle.

Jenny: C1 Mild Exfoliating Gel – Cleanser & Toner
I love using the gentle cleanser, it always makes my skin feel soft and smooth, unlike any others I’ve used. It exfoliates without that rough feeling, and as I have very sensitive skin, I’m not left with red patches after using it. The aloe, oatmeal and jojoba in it protects my skin’s natural barrier, so it’s good for my dry skin. My face is never left feeling dry, just smooth, moist and luxurious.

Erin: SuperShot – Natural Superfood Blend
It is a must for me to have my daily serve of Supershot as it is 100% a natural superfood blend that contains lots of antioxidants, probiotics and amino acids that help boost my overall nutrition and health. I definitely notice a difference in my skin and my overall wellbeing since taking the Supershot! I love how the Supershot helps to rejuvenate my skin but also my body as well, it tastes good on its own or even better in a smoothie!

Rachael: S6+Clarifying Serum – Oily Skin & Pores Rx 5
This is one of my absolute favorite products! It has truly changed my skin. As I do have a more oily skin type this really keeps breakouts and congestion at bay. I love the fact that it is like a leave on treatment and does all the exfoliation without me having to do much really. My skin feels smoother and looks brighter, and my pores are a lot smaller too.

Maria: SuperShot Natural Superfood Blend
My morning shot as I’ve always said. It has a combination of natural superfoods that are anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory and support my gut health. It’s a combined source of most of the vitamins needed by my body, but most importantly, it tastes soooo good. I’ve noticed after a month of taking it every morning, I am more energized and my skin looks perfect!

Sally: M2 Ultralight Skin Repair Moisturising Cream.
I love this product. I love the way my skin feels after I apply this. It’s super light weight but extremely hydrating. It has so many beneficial skin ingredients in 1 product. I suffer with extremely dry skin and often have long periods of dermatitis (particularly in the peri-oral area). Since using these products with the high and low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acids, I feel like my skin feels stronger and is much more hydrated with significantly less redness.

Natalia: M2 UltraLight Skin Repair Moisturiser
I love the M2 Ultralight Skin repair moisturiser! It feels light and silky on my skin and doesn’t clog my pores. My skin has never been so soft, I use it every morning and night and it has made such a noticeable difference in my skin’s texture and tone, my skin feels firmer and clearer and it also works great under makeup!

Terry: C2 AHA Exfoliating Gel – Cleanser & Toner
I have very sensitive skin and this cleanser, as the name suggests, lightly lathers with a lovely mint fragrance. It’s gentle enough for those with the most sensitive skins like mine, to use morning & night without leaving you feeling like your face has been stripped. A perfect formulation that prepares your skin to readily absorb any serums you wish to use.

Wen: C2 Gentle AHA Exfoliating Gel
Most of the time I use C2 in the morning as its natural and medical grade ingredients can effectively exfoliate dead skin cells, yet without stripping the healthy cell barriers. But I do love the entire cleanser line from RejuvAus and I have them all at home. I use C1 when I have sensitive skin due to change of seasons, cause it is so gentle but still can remove the makeup. I use C3 at night. The activated charcoal in C3 can thoroughly clean my skin and allows my skin to rest, breath and refresh at night.

Yeliz: S3 Collagen Peptide – Pores & Fine Lines Serum
The Rejuvaus Collagen Peptide serum is one of my favourite antioxidant serums because it helps to hydrate my skin with light and non greasy ingredients, great under makeup and can also be mixed with other serums at the same time. It helps to promotes collagen to make my skin stronger, reduce signs of ageing, and makes it feel nice and smooth. I found it is the perfect serum to use post pregnancy especially on the days I am very short for time.

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