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Natalie Bassingthwaighte Shares Her Beauty Routine – Including Ultherapy

October 5, 2018
Skin Tightening

Australian natural beauty Natalie Bassingthwaighte spoke to Studio 10 and Beautycrew about her own beauty routine and why she loves Ultherapy.

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New Treatments for Fine Lines in Delicate Areas

September 5, 2018
Skin Tightening

These two new treatments, SkinTight Duo and SmoothEye, are absolute innovations for treating fine lines, bags under the eyes and dark circles.

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Reduce Snoring and Get Better Beauty Sleep

August 31, 2018
Skin Tightening

About 60% of the population snore, which affects their quality of sleep (not to mention the quantity of their partners’ sleep). Laser snoring treatments can help.

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6 Reasons to Love Winter

June 13, 2018
Beauty Body Contouring Skin Rejuvenation & Repair

Winter isn't just about cold weather, it's a great time to review your skincare routine, try new laser treatments and work toward your summer fitness goals.

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new year new you

New Year, New You! Complimentary China Doll Treatment

January 10, 2018
Skin Rejuvenation & Repair Skin Tightening

Face the New Year with firmer, tighter skin and a glowing complexion! Purchase a full face of Skin Tightening with Ultrasound treatment and receive a COMPLIMENTARY China Doll Rejuvenation laser treatment.

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