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Enhance Your Face For Spring Racing Carnival Time

October 30, 2015

With Sydney’s Spring Racing Carnival now fully in action, enhance your looks and be the shining star this year! There are a handful of effective solutions to quickly improve your skin’s condition and prevent/combat wrinkle appearance, just in time to make the most of an amazing racing season!

It all starts with taking some time… just for yourself: schedule in your own time off (only a couple of hours, so you can actually do it in your lunch time) for a rejuvenation treatment at Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia. By the time our specialists have completed your treatments, you will feel like a brand new YOU!

Are you ready to join the Spring Racing Carnival’s action?

5 Quick Treatments To Improve Your Looks For The Spring Racing Carnival Season:

  1. HydraFacial. Gives your skin a boost of hydration and super care! If your skin feels dull, congested and rough, there’s nothing better than peeling off the top layer that is taking away its healthy glow. This will clean your pores, improve the appearance of wrinkles and let your skin breathe again.

The HydraFacial uses patented technology based on combining hydra extraction with diamond tip technology. Through this innovation, the treatment is great for extracting impurities while hydrating and rejuvenating your skin.

The treatment involves no downtime and it only takes about 30 minutes, leaving your skin refreshed and prepared for fully absorbing skin care products.

  1. Skincare. We all know that an individualised skincare routine is the basis for youthful and healthy skin. As everyone’s skin is different, special attention should be devoted to establishing a regime that is going to reflect your skin’s particular needs.

Correct skincare is an ongoing process. But it’s never too late to start if you haven’t done it previously. At Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia, we have a rich choice of cosmeceutical products that contain highly purified anti-oxidants, vitamins and enzymes without bulking agents and preservatives.

Don’t know your skin type? Our skin experts assess your skin, structure and colour. They will prescribe a beauty regime that will swiftly improve your skin’s condition.

  1. Deep peels. There aren’t a lot of non-invasive treatments apart from deep peels that can give you that something extra you’ve been searching for.

The magic of chemical peels lies in the fact that they target several skin conditions at once, such as enlarged pores, pigmentation, acne, acne scarring, rosacea, sun damage and fine lines. You can see why they are potent beauty treatments that can truly and completely rejuvenate your skin.

A chemical peel treatment involves applying a liquid solution and leaving it on the skin for a few minutes. This solution causes intensive peeling of the skin’s top layer, revealing new skin below that has less creases and less discolouration.

Bonus tip: Intensive skin peeling means that you will need to have the treatment several days before you attend any Spring Racing Carnival events because your skin needs time to recover after the treatment. But you can be sure to re-emerge a brand new self after that.

  1. Dermal fillers. This treatment comes in the form of injections, with a very soft gel being applied under the skin. The gel immediately adds volume, plumps up and restores skin lines, folds and depressions in the skin.

Additionally, dermal fillers stimulate the production of collagen and because they’re made of natural skin products, they integrate with the skin’s natural structure.

The procedure is quick, painless and involves no downtime. It takes about 10 minutes to administer the gel once the skin is prepared for the treatment.

Fillers have a strong local anaesthetic mixed in with the gel, so any discomfort you might feel will be minimal. Because the treatment requires the use of a needle, minor swelling might occur, so it’s best to keep that in mind and not perform the treatment on the day of an important event.

  1. Wrinkle injections. This treatment comprises a series of small injections of a muscle-relaxing solution applied into individual muscles in the wrinkled areas. The solution prevents the muscles from contracting, which in turn prevents facial expressions that lead to wrinkles.

Generally, wrinkle injections have the aim of softening your face. Daily facial expressions involve some sort of facial movement that emphasizes wrinkle appearance (sometimes we frown even if we’re not aware of doing it!).

Administering this relaxing solution into your facial muscles stops them from being overly active. This in turn smoothes out the overlying skin. The solution is injected with high precision in order to avoid affecting any surrounding facial muscles. Because of this, muscles keep contracting as usual while normal facial expressions remain unaffected.

Wrinkle injections take just a few minutes after the initial free consultation. The treatment requires no downtime and you will start noticing the results within the next few days.

The Spring Racing Carnival Is Already Here! Help!

The Spring Racing Carnival is already in full action but you’re still thinking “Thank God I can hide my face behind a mask”? Forget about it! The great thing about the above treatments is that they take very little to no downtime and the results are immediately visible in most cases.

If you’ve been thinking of undergoing non-invasive cosmetic beauty treatments, this is a wonderful occasion to reveal your new self to the world.

Don't gamble with your face!

Our experienced team have access to all the latest technology and techniques to ensure you look your best for the Spring Carnival.

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