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How To Fade Brown Spots, Liver Spots, Sun Spots On Skin

October 25, 2019

Age spots, liver spots, sun spots. They’re harmless unsightly marks that occur predominantly on people over the age of 50. Their technical term is “solar lentigines.” The brown colour forms due to a pigment found in the top layers of skin that clumps and produces those pesky brown spot appearances.

Common causes of brown spots:

  • Excessive exposure to the sun
  • Hormonal changes (during menopause or pregnancy)
  • Certain medications

If you notice a sudden change in your spots, such as darkening in colour, sudden rapid growth, variegated border, or if they become itchy, tender or prone to bleeding, you should speak to your doctor as it could be a sign of something more serious.

If they’ve remained flat, brown or if you’ve been to a recent skin cancer check and your doctor is not concerned, then you can take steps to get rid of them.

Photos of sun spots before and after treatment

You may find a myriad of ‘home recipes’ that claim to fade these spots, however these can often cause more harm than good. For example, lemon juice was a popular home remedy on social media last year, but due to it’s high acidity levels, we don’t recommend ever putting it directly on your face.

A pigment inhibiting serum, such as RejuvAus [S2] Whitening & Brightening Pigment Serum, or a serums with vitamins B and C will be safer and more effective than most home remedies, particularly because they are formulated for the skin. You can use them as serums for the full face or as a spot treatment at home.

While topical skincare can make a difference to age spots, it does take time to see a notable difference.

There are also in-clinic spot treatments that can treat age spots and other forms of pigmentation quickly and safely.

The Sinon Laser (Q-switched laser) is a quick, painless laser treatment that breaks up the pigment in a few quick flashes and releases it into the more superficial layers of skin. Then, the  pigmented spot forms a dry scab and gently flakes off over 2-3 days, revealing clear, spot-free skin! The results are truly amazing.Photos before and after treatment of age spots

The Sinon Laser can be used to get rid of age spots on your face, arms, back or anywhere on the body. We recommend coming in for a consultation to find out if this treatment is right for you.



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