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Here’s What Happened at our Live Fat Freezing Demo

July 18, 2018

In case you missed it, we held live fat freezing demonstration at our Barangaroo clinic to reveal exactly how simple and non-intrusive cryolipolysis is. Here is everything you need to know about fat freezing, plus a first-hand account from a patient.

Anna Vinogradova, our very enthusiastic clinician, volunteered to be the fat freezing model for a very curious public, so we set her up in the ground floor window with a CoolTech machine and a treatment bed where she could sit up and wave to passers-by during their lunch hour.

The first thing we realised was that only a small portion of the people walking by were familiar with fat-freezing and what it meant. To elaborate; fat freezing, a.k.a. cryolipolysis, involves a suction cup that rests on your abdomen (or other areas where you may have pockets of fat). The cup suctions the fat pocket and uses a cooling technology to freeze the fat cells without affecting the skin. Freezing destroys the fat cells, which your body then removes naturally over the following few weeks. The most popular machines for fat freezing are CoolTech and CoolSculpt.

We recommend fat freezing as a means to remove stubborn fat pockets that don’t respond to diet and exercise. The most popular area is the abdomen, but we can also treat arms, thighs, backs and love handles.

Anna had a lot of fun sitting on the bed, suction cup on her belly, waving to passers-by and answering questions to people who popped in. Here are some of the more common questions she was asked:

What does fat freezing feel like?
“First I felt the suction and then the cold. After a couple of minutes, I didn’t feel much. I felt discomfort when Sally [our senior clinician] massaged lower abdomen after the cup was removed, but it’s definitely tolerable. I also felt slightly weak and dizzy for a couple of minutes after the treatment. Overall it’s a very comfortable treatment.”

Does it hurt? How would you rate the discomfort on a scale from 1-10?
“It doesn’t hurt during treatment. Maybe 3.”

What do your patients normally do while they’re sitting in the treatment room with the suction cup on them for 70 minutes?
“They sleep, work on their laptop, watch movies, study, surf the internet, drink tea”

What do you notice after your treatment?
“I did notice some changes after my first Cooltech treatment, but the results after the second treatment were much more visible. There may be bruising after treatment, so I recommend purchasing Arnica cream in any pharmacy as it helps with bruising.”

We also asked Anna, as both a clinician and someone who has had treatments, what makes her interested in fat freezing. She said that she’s seen firsthand how it can change lives, especially for women after pregnancy. It’s common after a pregnancy to have a pocket of abdominal fat no matter how much you diet and exercise. “When you’re happy about your body, you’re happy about yourself,” Anna explains, “I have one client who had stubborn fat pads on her abdomen after two pregnancies, which is understandable, so we did fat freezing and she said she got her confidence back! Even in her intimate life with her husband, but I won’t go into that.”

For herself, Anna had a small pocket of fat that she wanted to slim down for the beach this summer. She’s already quite petite, but that one pocket was bothering her. She also feels it’s important for her to try treatments herself that she’s been so thoroughly trained on: “one of the first questions that patients ask me is if I’ve had the treatment, and I want to say ‘yes, this is how it feels and here is what you can expect.’”

You can follow Anna on Instagram for updates on her clinical practice, or book in a free consultation.

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