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Streets of Barrangaroo Article Cropped

Fat Reduction Featured in The Streets of Barangaroo

March 27, 2018

We love being a part of the Barangaroo community, so imagine how glad we were to have our fat reduction techniques featured in The Streets of Barangaroo’s Beauty and Wellbeing section!

In case you missed it, the article titled Autumn; The Perfect Time to Think About Summer explored why now is the time to reflect on your summer fitness goals, whether they be a flat belly, better fitness, building muscle or blasting fat.

Our non-invasive fat-reducing techniques, such as CoolSculpting or LipoBlast are effective supplements for pockets of fat around the belly and thighs that aren’t responding to healthy diets and regular exercise. However, like your fitness goals, these treatments take time to work. As Anne-Marie, our Clinician Manager, told The Streets of Barangaroo editors, there are a range of procedures that deal with unwanted pockets of fat, including LipoBlast and CoolSculpting, and Autumn is the best time to start planning those procedures because they require a few treatments spaced out over several weeks. Results, such as reduced waistlines, take a few months to appear.

Why do they take so long? CoolSculpting uses advanced technology to target fat cells below the skin and freeze them. This targeted freezing destroys the fat cells completely, and then your body takes some time to flush those fat cells out.

LipoBlast uses a similar method, but it targets and destroys the fat cells using heat. It’s a good idea to speak to a clinician about which treatment might work better for you.

To optimise and maintain results, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and lots of patients have said that CoolSculpting and LipoBlast treatments helped motivate them to carry their healthy Summer diet and exercise habits right through Autumn and Winter.

For more information, you can come in for a free consultation at our Barangaroo clinic!

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