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Freezing The Fat Away – Coolsculpting

February 13, 2015

You can’t ignore the ubiquitous amount of airbrushed celebrity photos in today’s society. While we’re heading towards the end of summer, do you think we can give ourselves a break from the Victoria Secret models frolicking down the runways – or Kate Hudson showing off her toned abs? Not to be the bearer of bad news, but that’s not going to happen.

Somewhere around the world, it’s summer. This means we’re constantly bombarded with pictures of beach-ready people all year round. And these pictures make you feel like you shouldn’t eat another tub of ice-cream either. Then when you go and Google what type of diets and treatments those celebrities use to maintain their svelte figure, it’s usually some radical diet or an obscure treatment you can’t get access to. Did I mention you’ll need the bank balance of Donald Trump to even get these treatments. simple coolsculpting

The most frustrating part is most of these celebrities aren’t relying on these radical diets, or having a magic rubbing cream that melts all the fat. So the million dollar question is, how do they get those contoured figures without going on a diet?

For those keen to find a non-invasive treatment to get rid of those stubborn pockets of fat that simply refuse to budge, consider coolsculpting. This is done by controlled freezing, which is used to permanently destroy fat by cooling the fat cells, which then crystallise and break down.  A few celebrities have been vocal about this procedure, especially Christina Aguilera, who successfully got her body back with the help of coolsculpting. While it’s been alleged that Kim Kardashian used coolsculpting weeks after giving birth to North West.

There’s a plethora of non-surgical fat removal options available at the moment, so what’s the best choice? Coolsculpting is the way to go as it destroys fat cells permanently and can be used upon loose fat rolls or localised areas of fat, which enhances the person’s body contour. Other procedures such as liposculpture involve making a 1 mm incision in order for the cannula to dislodge and suction out fat deposits.

It’s a relatively fast procedure, only taking 75 minutes to complete depending on the area you’re treating. The general price guide is around $950 for a single treatment.

For those asking if it’s safe and painless? It’s definitely safe, as it precisely controls cooling to gently and effectively target the fat cells underneath the skin. In regards to the pain factor, there may be a temporary sensation in the area that’s being treated, as well as slight bruising.

The thought of a fat freezing treatment is daunting, though it’s a great way to destroy fat cells permanently. For those of you who want a bikini-ready body, this is a great option to get rid of stubborn fat.

Coolsculpting is available at Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia. Come in for a complimentary consultation and we’ll assess if you’re a suitable candidate for this procedure. Call us on 1300 88 99 35 or to go out website for more information.

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