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Growth Factor Injections 2

Growth Factor Injections in a Snapshot

September 25, 2017

Name: Growth Factor Injections

Description: Growth Factor Injections are a professional treatment that helps improve, grow and strengthen skin. It contains 98 different growth factors that activate collagen producing cells to achieve anti-ageing benefits. It will thicken, strengthen and volumise indented and damaged skin from acne scaring, loose skin on the face or body as well as improve texture, pores and surface complexion.

Suited for: Those with sagging skin showing signs of ageing.

Results: Thicker, stronger and clearer skin with more volume.

Duration: Depending on treatment area and extraction method.

Frequency of treatment: Three treatments one month apart, once per year.
Price: From $600*

Growth Factor Injections

*Prices correct at time of publication

Get thicker, stronger and clearer skin with more volume.

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