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PRP hair loss treatment for women

Growth Factor Hair Loss Treatment Solutions For Women

January 15, 2016

Although hair loss is a common occurrence in men, women can also suffer from this condition at some point in their lives. It is never a pleasant situation to encounter. However, as it is not as common for women to suffer hair loss, they may find it impacts them significantly.

Dr Garry Cussell from Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia highlights that while men are more prone to hair loss than women, this is mostly because of genetic concerns. On the other hand, women may experience the same issue but sometimes due to completely different factors.

The most common reasons why women may experience hair loss

From thinning hair to severe baldness pattern, the effects of dealing with a hair loss condition can be extremely demoralising. In order to understand why female pattern baldness sets in, it is important to acknowledge the right causes.

1. Physical Stress

There are numerous reasons that can interfere with normal hair growth, and the most common is physical stress. Any kind of physical trauma may be the primary reason for temporary hair loss in women.

“Stress can seriously affect hair growth cycles and push the hair back into the shedding phase,” says Dr Cussell. “Although hair typically re-grows after the chemical balances in the body are re-established, stress can actually stop the hair from being properly grown in the future,” he explains.

2. Heredity and female hormones

The female pattern hair loss is also known as androgenetic alopecia, and it occurs in around 50% of women. Although this percentage is high, women behave differently than men when dealing with a hair loss condition: rather than going through a process of receding hairline that starts from the temples (which is what happens in men), women tend to experience considerable hair thinning while their hair part may widen.

Nevertheless, if a person’s mother, aunt or grandmother experienced hair loss, chances are they are likely to suffer from the same condition at some point in their lives. This usually takes place when the woman is in her 50’s or 60’s, but that is not a general rule. Some women suffer from hair loss even from teenage years.

The change in the hormonal balance that occurs at menopause may also influence FPB (Female Pattern Baldness).

3. Medication and other chemicals

When the hair loss is sudden, and the hair follicles are uniform in size, it is probably the body’s reaction to certain medication or a medical condition in itself. If a person is suffering from cancer, depression, heart problems, high blood pressure or arthritis, they are very likely to experience hair loss due to the aggressive chemicals found in the drugs used to treat them.

Growth Factor hair loss treatment

Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia prides itself on providing advanced hair loss treatment for both men and women. Our proven hair loss procedure uses a unique approach towards the various reasons of hair loss and caters to the specific requirements of each individual.

Growth Factor therapy is ideal for women struggling with female pattern baldness or thinning hair for a number of different reasons:

  • Safety and convenience: When using the Growth Factor hair loss treatment, patients can rest assured they have undergone a safe medical procedure. The Growth Factor treatment involves no surgery and is administered by injecting growth factors directly into the scalp area. This means that patients don’t have to deal with the usual post-surgery symptoms, additional medication or hospitalisation.
  • A continuous improvement: Not only is Growth Factor treatment a natural procedure, but it also has the potential to regenerate and repair damaged hair follicles for an extended period of time. Overall, the health and condition of your scalp is constantly being improved.
  • A cost-effective hair-loss treatment: the Growth Factor treatment is a proven hair-loss solution at an affordable price. It is a natural process of hair regrowth, replacing the need for expensive surgical procedures or myriad of products designed to fight hair loss, which are currently available on the market.

When asked about who can perform this type of treatment, Dr Cussell insists that it requires a great deal of experience and expertise to apply the treatments to get the most optimal results as well as using the best Growth Factors. “At Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia, we offer a complimentary consultation to discuss and fully inform you,” explains Dr Cussell. “Each person is individual and unique, so we will evaluate your skin and suggest the best-tailored treatment program for you at the price that is affordable.”

If you are also struggling with hair-loss, you should book a free consultation with one of our hair loss specialists and enjoy the benefits of what the Growth Factor treatment has to offer. Book your free initial consultation today or use our Contact form to get in touch.

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