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A Beauty Influencer Shares Her Experience With Dermal Fillers

December 31, 2019

We’re so grateful to our lovely client, Lorraine Yang, who also happens to be a beauty influencer, for sharing her dermal filler experience on WeChat. If you’re curious about what the beauty community is talking about on WeChat, Lorraine invited us to translate her story. She came in for non-surgical jawline slimming and facial contouring injectable treatments. Here is what she shared:

When you enter the clinic, there is an exhibition area of medical-grade skin care products and cosmetics. When you visit this clinic, you will feel like you are in a skin rejuvenation museum. And these medical skin care products cannot be bought in any shopping malls, pharmacies and supermarkets, you only can see them in a professional medical institution. People who love skin care, you can’t miss it!

If you don’t know how to choose from so many options, I recommend SKINFIT to you. SKINFIT is a professional anti-aging product developed by Dr. Garry. According to the introduction by RCA staff, SKINFIT contains high quality DNA repair serum and cell growth factors which can activate the multiplication of our collagen-producing cells to thicken and strengthen, which can then improve texture, pores and surface complexion.

The consultants at RCA clinics are very nice and patient, and they also have complimentary translators to consult and help you understand the procedures of the medical treatments.

I was told by other doctors that a rounded forehead and prominent brow bones are a common Asian girls’ ideal appearance, but most Asian faces are flat and don’t have a clear jawline. Therefore, I decided to make some changes. Fortunately, I made an appointment with Dr. Garry.

As the first treatment step, he drew the auxiliary lines on my forehead to prepare for the dermal filler injection. Dr. Garry is a very experienced doctor. Even if I don’t use an anesthetic, I never feel the pain of injection with him. Then, he massaged my brow bones to make sure the filler was evenly distributed.

The forehead injection needs to be very skillful, because the filler injected is not easy to distribute evenly. Uneven distribution makes your forehead look like “the surface of the moon!” Dr. Garry has more than 18 years of cosmetic experience on how to shape the materials according to patients’ demand. After a detailed enquiry, he understood my requirements and did the injection perfectly well. Then Dr. Garry personally helped me make an appointment for injection recheck, he said that RCA takes care of every patient’s health and satisfaction, and the medical staff must invite the patients to come back to clinics for a follow up.

Dr. Garry also injected dermal filler for my nose, and he said: “Chinese people think that the shape of nostrils will influence their fortune, I’ll help you adjust your nostrils.” I was very surprised that Dr. Garry has so much understanding of Asian culture and beauty. Every morning, when I look at myself in the mirror, I can see a very natural and beautiful face!

This natural feel gives me more confidence to be social and active. I don’t use filters and Ps software to edit my photos, I like my face so much! Only a few injections were needed, and the facial outlines can really change a lot.

Finally, the recommendation of the right dermal filler is important. Before this experience, I read many failed cosmetic cases due to bad material. Although the filler can be melted in your body, I still recommend girls choose a less painful and higher quality treatment and keep the good appearance longer. Dr. Garry said the filler in my nose can be kept for 2 years, and the filler in my chin and jawline can be kept for 5 years!

Are you considering a dermal filler treatment?

Come in for a complimentary, obligation-free consultation with one of our experienced Doctors to find out more.

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