Fotona Laser Hair Reduction

Laser hair reduction for dark skin with Fotona!

June 16, 2017

Originally laser hair reduction was only available to those with fair skin and dark hair, regular lasers such as the Arion ran the risk of burning darker skin due to its differing wavelength, attracted to melanin in the skin! Thankfully the Fotona laser enables us to treat those with darker  fitzpatric skin types, so everyone can ditch the razor.

What is it? 
Fotona Hair removal is used to treat hairs on someone who has a higher fitzpatric / skin colour.

How does it work? 
Fotona hair removal works exactly the same as normal Arion hair removal – the biggest different is the type of wavelength used. The fotona uses a ND YAG wavelength that is much safer for darker skin tupes. Laser is always focused on a main target (being melanin in the hair) which the laser light is attracted to. The light travels through the laser, when it reaches the hair follicle and causes heat. The heat then limits the blood supply to the hair follicle therefore weakening the follicle. The weakening of the follicle causes the hairs to fall out anywhere from 5-12 days after the treatment. This weakening process limits the follicle’s ability to reproduce strong hairs resulting  in permanent hair reduction.

What is the procedure? 
Hair reduction treatment.

Why you need to go to a reputable clinic?
It is vital you receive treatment from a reputable clinic. There have been many cases where customers have been burnt by lasers when in the hands of an inexperienced and poorly trained beautician. There are many factors to consider when treating a patient such as specific laser settings appropriate to differing skin types.

How long does it take? 
Depends on the size of the area.

What are the results and how long does it take for results to show? 
Hair Reduction for darker skin types. Results start after the first session however several sessions are needed 6-12 sessions depending on the area on the body.

How long do the results last for? 
The result is permanent hair reduction, however hair can always sprout on our body due to hormone fluctuations so maintenance is required.

What are the comparative advantages of this treatment as opposed to other options out there?
The Fotona laser treatment is advantageous for those who have a darker skin type, due to the variation of settings the laser is able  to weaken the hair follicles without burning or pigmenting the surrounding skin.

Is there any pre or post care needed? 
Sun exposure is to be avoided for 4 weeks before and after the treatment.
Picking/scratching of the skin surface is to be avoided.
No waxing or plucking of the hair follicles.
Preparation is sometimes required (using Melanofade) 2 weeks before the treatment session.
Using a gentle scrub a few days post treatment can assist the follicle to release the hair.

Is there any side effects or downtime? 
Occasionally mild erythema (redness) post treatment may occur, which usually resolves a few hours after treatment.

What areas can be treated? 
Any area of the body can be treated, apart from the ears and the eye area.

Who can be treated? And who is not suitable for the treatment? 
This treatment is suitable for darker skin types that cannot use Alexandrite laser wavelengths.

What is the cost? 
Cost is $90 per 5 minute sessions. A consultation process is necessary to give a full quote for the area of concern.

Get clear, hair-free skin with Fotona!

Our experts are able to identify your skin type, and tailor the best possible treatment for you.

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