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Lip Fillers – Your Questions Answered

September 7, 2014

Having plump lips is often considered a sign of youth and health. Unfortunately, the ageing process causes our lips to lose definition, becoming thinner. So, have you thought of improving the appearance of your lips?

Here is the solution: a lip enhancement treatment with quality dermal filler, used to give you plump, more attractive lips. Also referred to as ‘lip fillers’, women and men of all ages, with thin lips can benefit from this treatment.

What Are The Benefits Of A Lip Filler Treatment?

  • You will increase the size of your lips
  • You will have a well-defined smile
  • You will have beautifully shaped lips
  • You will have naturally looking lips

How Much Does This Procedure Cost?

Lip enhancement treatment costs are settled with the client and also dependent on their budget. These costs vary on each patient’s requirements: the upper or lower lip may be treated either singly, or both can be treated at the same time.

How Long Do The Effects Of The Lip Fillers Last?

The effect of premium dermal fillers lasts about 6 to 12 months, depending on the nature on your skin, but in some cases, the duration of the effect can be shorter or even longer. Due to the fact that the dermal filler is composed of a natural substance, it will be absorbed by the body and will disappear without a trace over time.

There are different strengths and thicknesses and the type of filler affect the volume created and the length of time it lasts.

What To Expect After The Treatment

There are several short-term (within a week) reactions that might occur, such as swelling, discomfort, redness, itching, discolouration or tenderness at the implant site. You may use paracetamol to reduce swelling and reduce discomfort, but you must avoid aspirin, as it may increase the chance of bruising. In order to avoid the risk of inflammation, you should not expose the treated area to intense heat (such as solarium, sunbathing), or extreme cold for the first days after the procedure, until the products are integrated into your body.

Lip Enhancement Results

There are cases when the patient has almost no lip tissue at all, which means that more extensive filling is required. Our patients are delighted with the outcome, but, to maintain the great results, we recommend that you liaise closely with our qualified medical staff to assess the need for follow-up treatments.

If you have more questions about Lip Fillers or, if you want to book your FREE consultation session, please contact us today.

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