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The Lip Flip: Is this new trend worth it?

August 10, 2018

The lip flip is the newest injectable trend that people are looking for. It involves a few units of anti-wrinkle injection placed strategically around the lips to adjust the way that the muscles rest. The result is that your lips curl out a little bit more to enhance the appearance of a cupid’s bow and create a pretty little pucker.

The use of anti-wrinkle injections to create a lip flip is slightly less invasive than using dermal filler and less expensive per individual treatment. The result is also more subtle immediately following treatment. Lip flips have increased in popularity especially since Kylie Jenner recently publicised that she dissolved some of the filler in her famous lips.

The downside to using anti-wrinkle injection for a lip flip is that it doesn’t last as long; only 4 weeks for most clients, compared to 6-9 months for dermal filler. This is partially because your lips move much more than other parts of the face where anti-wrinkle injections are normally used, so the effects wear off sooner. It’s also because such a small amount of anti-wrinkle product is used.

“It’s unwise to start with more than 4 units around the lips,” says Hannah Ajami, our Registered Nurse who specialises in cosmetic medicine, “adding too much toxin around the lips will affect your ability to use them as you normally would. For example, you may find yourself concentrating while you sip your coffee.”

To maintain a lip flip, you would also have to return for treatment regularly, Hannah pointed out. She recommends doing a lip flip as more of a test or a segue into lip filler, rather than for long-term use.

“It’s a great way to determine if you like the way an enhanced lip looks on you before committing to a bit of filler.” Says Ajami. “You can also make the transition subtler by getting a lip flip with anti-wrinkle injections and then adding some filler when the anti-wrinkle product starts to wear off.”

Dermal filler products and techniques have really developed over the years, so you can choose to go with full volume or a much subtler enhancement. It’s up to you, and while a lip flip might be a good place to start, it’s not as reliable in the long run.

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