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SkinCare Advice Passed Down from Our Mums

May 11, 2018

We may have grown up with magazines, beauty blogs and friends who taught us that the cure for uneven eyeliner is to smear on more until you get it right! Oftentimes, the best teachers we have growing up are our mums. To celebrate this Mothers’ Day, we asked our clinicians and administrative staff for beauty and skincare advice that was passed down from their mothers:

“Wear sunscreen now if you want to look pretty later in life.”
-April’s Mother

“Don’t pick your pimples and always wash your hands before touching your face.”
-Anna’s Mother.

“Always wash your make-up off before bed so you don’t clog your pores, and it’s never fun waking up with panda eyes. Not to mention, those mascara and lippy stains will ruin the sheets!”
-Elizabeth’s Mother

“My mother taught me to start my skin care early. I started using cleanser, toner, moisturiser from the time I started high school at the age of 12.”

In addition to beauty, our mothers reminded us that inner beauty and health are important, too:

“Antioxidants and sunscreen will keep your skin healthy and bright, and make sure you eat your greens. A healthy gut means healthy skin,”
-Sally’s Mother

“Anybody can dress themselves up in the nicest clothes, do the best hair and make-up, but as soon as you speak, none of that matters unless you mind your mannners.”
-Erin’s Mother

Be kind, look after your skin, and have a happy Mothers’ Day, to all of the amazing Mums out there.

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