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The Must Have Beauty Product For Summer? Sunscreen

December 21, 2015

Australian summer is a fantastic season! Sea, sand and sun… who doesn’t appreciate the warmth of the sun’s rays on their skin? However, while enjoying the numerous benefits of sun exposure, remember that wrinkles, sun spots, pigmentation, and skin cancer are all serious issues associated with sun overexposure.

Protect your skin with an efficient sunscreen (see our recommendations)

Sun protection should always be high on your list of concerns. At Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia, we direct a lot of attention into educating our patients about the dangers of sun overexposure. Other than obvious tips such as limiting the amount of time your skin is exposed to direct sunlight, we of course also recommend the use of a good quality sunscreen. However, we believe that not all sunscreens are created equal. Sadly, there are many products on the market that simply do not provide adequate protection.

The sunscreen product we recommend to our friends? RejuvAus [M1] Super Moisturising UV Lotion

[M1] Super Moisturising UV Lotion

We recommend the use of a highly effective cosmeceutical sunscreen from RejuvAus called [M1] Super Moisturising UV Lotion. This provides a physical barrier with high levels of protection from UVA and UVB rays from the sun (the UV rays that cause skin cancer).

It also contributes to maintaining your skin’s youthfulness by hydrating it and “feeding” it the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs to shine. Even if you have not been an avid sunscreen user so far, you will soon fall in love with RejuvAus because it is not your regular protection cream: the sunscreen provides advanced protection against harmful sun rays, and at the same time helps to heal damaged skin.

Sunscreen or moisturiser: which one comes first?

As a general rule, it is advised to apply moisturiser first, then wait at least 5 minutes for it to absorb completely before you continue with sunscreen.

However, there is a way where you can cover both at the same time, by using RejuvAus [M1] Super Moisturising UV Lotion.  It is a great sunscreen that is a combination of both your daily moisturiser and sunscreen in one. It is non-greasy and lightweight in texture, perfect for even an Acne skin type. The sunscreen also provides broad spectrum coverage protecting your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays and contains two key ingredients for hydration including; Nicinamide and Hyaluronic Acid to assist in strengthening your skin’s natural barrier without clogging pores. Our staff members even use this product as a great makeup primer!

What if my foundation already has a sunscreen?

Even if your foundation claims to have a high level of SPF, it most likely will not provide an appropriate level of protection. This is because it’s diluted with other ingredients, so in order to protect your skin effectively, you would need to apply a much thicker layer than you normally would.

A tinted sunscreen will provide much more protection than a foundation, even if they have the same SPF level, but the finish may not be as flawless as you desire. We recommend using a physical sunscreen that contains Zinc as a primer. Then you can apply your preferred foundation on top. You are more likely to be diligent with your sun protection if you like the products you are using.

Tip: reapply the sunscreen every few hours to ensure maximum sun protection.

How often should I apply the sunscreen?

It is recommended to reapply your sunscreen every 2 hours, or after swimming, sweating or toweling. When you apply a new layer of sunblock, let the lotion soak into the skin for a few minutes before going into the water. Otherwise, it will wash right off.

We have a wide choice of cosmeceuticals at Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia. Contact us to prescribe a skin regime best suited for your skin!

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