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nasojugal groove filler

Fixing Nasojugal Grooves With Dermal Filler

August 20, 2020

What Are Nasojugal Grooves (Or Folds)?

nasolabial face diagram
1 – Palpebromalar Groove 2 – Nasojugal Groove 3 – Mid-Cheek Nasojugal Groove

Nasojugal Grooves run obliquely down the cheek from the corner of the eye to the outer part of the mid cheek area. They are sometimes referred to as tear troughs, tear trough deformities or palpebromalar grooves, however these can be differentiated based on anatomical characteristics.1

What Causes Nasojugal Grooves?

Even in younger people Nasojugal Grooves can form due to a retaining ligament that tethers the skin downwards. It runs between the deeper muscle structures and the surface of the skin, this groove is exaggerated with time as the cheek laxity increases and sags further but is tethered by the ligament that pulls the skin surface down.

Can Dermal Filler Be Used to Fix Nasojugal Grooves?

This is an advanced correction to achieve but can be done successfully by an experienced injector using the correct technique with dermal fillers.

It is important that the dermal filler is placed carefully and expertly and not simply used to fill this groove as this can cause swelling or festooning of the skin above the retaining ligament or groove.

Moulding immediately afterwards and especially over subsequent visits in the following few days is very important to ensure correct positioning of the filler and the best results, this is a standard part our aftercare that is included in the price of your treatment.

What Are The Risks Of Injecting Dermal Filler In The Nasojugal Groove Area?

The Nasojugal Groove often runs directly over an area of the face where a nerve and large artery are located, there is a possibility of injections compressing or occluding arterial blood supply.

This emphasises the need for an experienced provider with a detailed understanding of facial anatomy and injection techniques to deliver the treatment.

Also at Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia we always use an injection cannula to ensure the most precise position of the filler to minimise and prevent any bruising, swelling or vascular complications.

What Else Can Be used To Treat Nasojugal Grooves?

There are other several other treatments for improving Nasojugal Grooves involving skin tightening such as Ultraformer and Ultherapy.

The most suitable treatment will depend on your individual indication and facial anatomy, we always recommend a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced doctors to assess your suitability and tailor a treatment plan.

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