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New Treatment: MicroNeedling With A Major Enhancement

July 22, 2019

Our new skin needling treatment, Microneedling with Growth Factors, stimulates a healing response in your skin that can reduce fine lines and bring out a brilliant glow, enhanced by a specialised Growth Factor Serum.

Growth Factors are proteins found in living cells that stimulate tissue growth. In our skin, they essentially promote healing, cell growth and collagen regeneration which keeps our skin looking bright, elastic and youthful. Our bodies also release growth factors in response to injury and wounding.

Skin needling creates a micro wound healing response that prompts our bodies to release growth factors without an actual injury or wound. The growth factors then restore the collagen, elastin and other cells that lose their vitality when we age. It’s become a hugely popular treatment with variations such as Microneedling, RF needling or derma pens.

Our newest treatment is so exciting because it combines skin needling with a clinical strength growth factor serum. When applied to the skin, this serum helps stimulate regeneration in your skin and enhance the healing response created by the needling.

Clinical studies with this new serum found significant improvements in tone, texture and fine lines as well as a 37% increase in thickness of the skin1.

Essentially, we perform skin needling with a high-end microneedling derma pen and apply the Growth Factor Serum. Needling helps the serum penetrate the skin’s natural barrier for improved absorption. Once absorbed, the serum enhances the results of the microneedling treatment. Your skin gets the glowing benefits of both!

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