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How to Refresh Yourself and Your Skin After the Party Season

December 21, 2018

Your Post-Holiday Party Polish

Busy yet boisterous, whimsical yet wearying, the holidays can bring plenty of joy, but also take their toll. Between late night shopping, early morning baking, social functions, work functions, rich foods and raising your glass, you may feel the need to refresh yourself at the end.

The Damage

Alcohol especially affects your skin. It dehydrates your body which takes water away from your skin cells as well. It also causes inflammation, which can lead to red, puffy-looking skin. If you have active acne, the excess sugar in alcohol can also trigger an acne flare-up.

Many of us eat richer foods, more meat and indulge in more sweets over the holidays. It’s part of the celebrations and they’re called “treats” for a reason. Your skin may react to this temporary change in diet because of the way that certain nutrients affect your digestion.

The first step to refreshing your skin is to make a New Year’s resolution to eat healthy. The second step is to rejuvenate your skin externally.

Your Skin

During the busy holiday season, we tend to drop a few details from our regular routines, so it’s important to return to cleansing and moisturising every day, as well as using serums with active ingredients.

The active ingredients in skincare products can help your skin repair and rehydrate itself. Vitamin A can help reduce acne and stimulate your cells to repair collagen fibres that have been weakened by dehydration. Vitamin B  has anti-inflammatory properties, while hyaluronic acid helps your skin to absorb moisture. If you’re using hyaluronic acid, make sure you use it with a moisturising product. It won’t be effective on its own without extra moisture to absorb.

A deep-cleansing facial or lacto-botanical peel can help detoxify your skin from any oil that built up from that rich holiday food or in response to alcohol-induced flare-ups. The HydraFacial is a common favourite because it involves suctioning the debris out of your pores while exfoliating and infusing the skin with nourishing serums.

For regular facials, we use lacto-botanical peels because they contain fruit enzymes and natural acids derived from food to remove dead, dull skin cells on the surface of your skin and reveal a new, healthy layer. Physical exfoliating scrubs can do the same thing, but with a scrub, you risk damaging the new skin cells below, so we prefer to lacto-botanical peels.

Facials are a great refresh in between Christmas and New Year’s because they give you an instant glow.

Your Eyes

If your eyes are looking tired, you can try applying an eye serum that contains Vitamin K and Arnica. Vitamin K is a natural blood coagulant that can help reduce dark circles by preventing the bleeding from damaged capillaries and assisting with natural blood flow in the area.

Arnica is a flower found in mountain ranges that has anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce bags underneath the eyes.

SmoothEye is a laser treatment designed specifically for the delicate eye area. It gently ablates the surface layer of dead skin cells and stimulates collagen production to reduce the appearance of bags and fine lines. Results from SmoothEye take longer to appear than from facials, but they also last longer because it treats deeper layers of the skin.

Your Body

Most of us put on a little bit of holiday weight. It’s almost expected. When you’re eating at holiday parties, you have less control over the amount of fats, oils and carbohydrates in your foods. Not to mention, a standard glass of wine has more calories than a tablespoon of Nutella. Many of us work hard all year, especially those of us who prepare the Christmas meals for our families, so we should enjoy ourselves too. Who cares about a couple of temporary kilos?

Healthy eating, safe levels of exercise and time are the go-to for working off those holiday pounds. If you’ve noticed that you have a little bit of new cellulite that you want to reduce, you can try a non-invasive skin tightening treatment like TightSculpting.

TightSculpting uses two types of laser in each treatment session to reduce fat and stimulate collagen cells to smooth the skin. Depending on the nature of your cellulite, we may recommend TightSculpting or Lipoblast, which is similar. You may need more than one treatment, but we’ve had some really great results!

If you’ve been eating right, exercising and you’re proud of your results, save for a small pocket of fat that won’t budge no matter what, we recommend non-invasive Fat Freezing treatments. These treatments use cooling technology to freeze fat cells without disrupting the surface layer of your skin. The frozen fat cells die off and your immune system carries them away naturally. Many of our patients find that Fat Freezing treatments help motivate them to keep on top of their diet and exercise, almost like an extra reward or a helping hand for their hard work.


We sincerely hope that you have a wonderful, safe and enjoyable holiday season with all your loved ones and your favourite festive foods. If you’re looking a bit worn down afterward, contact us for some pampering and advice. We’ll be here for you during the holiday period, with special trading hours.

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