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strengthen your skin

Proven ways to strengthen your skin

October 26, 2017

If your skin appears thin, wrinkled or crepey, you may be considering skin strengthening and tightening treatments. Skin strengthening and tightening treatments utilise proven technologies that can obtain some exceptional results!

before after skintightening ultrasound (2)

Skin tightening and strengthening occurs due to a two-phased response:

1) A form of concentrated, and appropriately focused depth of heat causes heating of protein structures which make up the collagen network of one’s skin. This heating causes contraction of protein. When the overall framework of skin contracts, it then feels tighter, looks firmer, slimmer and lifted. This happens almost immediately as protein shrinks quickly. This is a scientific fact and is seen in any form of well-directed, focused and concentrated heat, that’s projected in the deeper layers of the skin.

2) The second phase of skin strengthening occurs as the heat creates a wound injury. So as well as contracting and tightening protein structures, the wound injury causes the body’s healing (or wound response). This healing response initiates a cascade of events starting with the release of heat shock proteins. These heat shock proteins in turn cause the release of a cascade of growth factors, these are factors that are important in initiating the activation and multiplication of collagen inducing cells (fibrosites and fibroblasts). These collagen producing cells multiply and start to grow into extra and additional collagen fibres that are tensile strands of protein densely packed, they then form a mesh of framework that supports the fluid consistency of the deeper 90% plus of our skin structures.

This process mimics, duplicates and compounds the natural process that occurs in our skin every day, week and month. Our skin growth is not static but is constantly changing. Like everything in nature our skin structure, cells and fibres, go through a life-cycle, every day multiple, old collagen fibres (strands of protein) break down and are excreted, we also replace these strands of fibre with new protein or collagen fibres.

The proven treatments to strengthen your skin are:
> Skin Tightening with Ultrasound – Using Ultrasound
> Ultherapy Skin Tightening – Using Ultrasound
> Thermage – Using Radio Frequency
> RF Needling – Using radio frequency energy and needling.
> SkinTight – Using laser

The expertise of the treating doctor or clinician is critical to obtain optimal results, there are many variables the technician must be experts in, such as:

•  The differences between the types of techniques of machines used.
•  The precise focusing and concentrating of the important layers of the skin.
•  The focusing ability and the concentrating ability of the machine being used.
•  The number of shots or passes that are performed in each treatment.

Get tighter, firmer and stronger skin today!

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