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How to Rebuild Your Nose with Dermal Fillers

June 20, 2017

A surgical ‘nose job’ (aka rhinoplasty) can be an expensive and painful procedure with possible side-effects. In this video Dr Garry Cussell describes a non-surgical alternative: reshaping the nose with dermal fillers.

The procedure of rebuilding the nose starts with cleaning the nose carefully and opening the style of syringe with dermal filer. The procure takes about 5 minutes, we put the needle in about 4-5 times, going from the bridge all the way down to the ridge of the nose to the tip and base to give it support. The filler is adjusted and massaged into position. The tiny needle marks seal very quickly, if there are needle marks they can be covered immediately with mineral powder.

The after care is extremely important so we always get people back the following day to massage it. The gel is semi-soft and it takes a few days to settle down and become part of the skin so we always get the patient back 3-4 days later to do a second massage. Allot of people want a further enhancement so we allow the filler to become adjusted and settled into the skin. We then get the patient back a month later and we inject a second ml if they require. Providing we are very cautious with the tip and middle ridge of the nose, we usually don’t get any side effects or complications at all. These fillers last up to two years.

Don't spend thousand on a surgical ‘nose job’

Dermal fillers are a much cheaper and non-surgical alternative to reshaping the nose!

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