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Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia

The Facial Rejuvenation Clinic officially rebrands to Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia

February 1, 2016

Rejuvenation Clinics of AustraliaOur name may be changing, but our commitment remains the same.

Patients at the Facial Rejuvenation Clinic will today notice a new sign outside our building.

As of February 1st, our name has changed to Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia. This is intended to better communicate the variety of aesthetic medical treatments available and our plan to open in multiple locations.

What does this mean for the patients of The Facial Rejuvenation Clinic?

Dr Garry Cussell of The Facial Rejuvenation Clinic explains that the change will in no way affect the customer experience. “The new name will not change the aesthetic medical treatments we provide, nor the professional clinicians and staff members our patients have become accustomed to,” he explains. “The new name is about better expressing the variety of services we provide across multiple locations”.

Why do we need a new brand?

The need for change came when we identified that as a business, we have grown past being a provider of facial rejuvenation treatments as we now provide over 400 non-invasive aesthetic treatments with plans to deliver our services in multiple locations. For over 22 years, our expertise has expanded across several areas of medical and cosmetic services, including Injectables, Skin Rejuvenation & Repair, Skin Tightening & Strengthening, Body Contouring & Beauty.

How will we be different?

As of February 1st, the name of our facility will change from The Facial Rejuvenation Clinic to Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia. This means patients will start to notice new identity materials, such as the website, the signage outside the building and the staff identity badges will change to reflect the new brand.

How can patients get in touch?

Our locations remain the same. Patients can continue to stop by any of our sydney rejuvenation clinics, or contact us by our usual phone number at 1300 88 99 35.

However our email addresses will change to reflect the new website address, so patients can reach their usual contacts at the clinic by changing @facialrejuvenation.com.au to @rejuvaustralia.com.au on the end of existing contact details and we highly encourage patients to update your address book to avoid important appointment messages from being caught up in spam filters!

Make sure you look out for our new name and identity, as we unveil it from today, 1st February. Remember to update your address book with our new email address @rejuvaustralia.com.au.

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