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Find Out What’s Really Inside Your Favourite Skin Care Products

November 11, 2014

Our SKINFIT Skincare medical product developer Lee Wood educates us on all the important ingredients needed in a top-notch skincare solution!

The ingredients you should avoid in any skin care product

Skincare products should be void of any Sodium Lauryl Sulfates which are found in alot of detergent based cleansers. These have a very stripping effect on the skin. Petrochemicals also  really impair the barrier function of the skin, as well as parabens and preservatives.

Lee Wood explains “these harmful ingredients are used because they have a great lathering effect. They make the skin feel super clean – which is not ideal as they are actually stripping the acid mantle of the skin, which makes it more susceptible to aggravants penetrating the dermal layer causing more inflammation within the skin. Inflammation is the largest cause of damage and ageing! The ingredients are cheap to produce too, which is why they are so popularly used in products.”

Skincare should compose of really gentle surfectants that work with the skin’s natural anatomy, and not strip that acid mantle from the surface of the skin. However, it is possible to still have lathering, cleansing and moisture added to the skin without the addition of these dangerous chemicals.

It can be very hard to decipher which products have harmful/beneficial ingredients in them. So it’s important that you purchase products from people/brands that you trust, and have extended knowledge in the area.

In the SKINFIT range  we haven’t compromised in any area. Price was not an issue in the manufacturing of formulations and you don’t have to have expensive products to have a great product. A lot of the formulations are really advanced. Developing them in Australia meant that Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia did not have to pay a fortune for the ingredients. We were able to deliver a really price effective range with brilliant integrity.

Just because it’s natural, doesn’t mean it’s good for your skin

Just because a product claims it’s natural, doesn’t mean it’s safe. Their are some natural ingredients that can actually be quite harmful to your skin.

Proven safe medical ingredients, can actually enhance the properties and the effects of the natural ingredients synergistically.

Lee Wood explains that “in our SKINFIT active botanicals, there’s a lot of anti-inflammatories, we had to work out a system to get those active ingredients into the skin, to get the reversal of the damage that has been done and the scarring through inflammatory skin conditions.”

Lee says the SKINFIT  holistic base is sensitive enough to avoid the side-effects that many prescription based medicines can give the skin. The base isn’t crude, it’s just a beautiful base. Like you would feed your internal system with a beautiful diet to keep your organs functioning really well, it’s the same for the largest organ that we have, our skin. Your skin needs a really good diet to be healthy and look its best.

If you would like to find out more about the skincare product range, please visit Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia or you can call our clinic on 1300 88 99 35

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