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Skin Repair & Rejuvenation, Part 1: Texture

November 27, 2015

The road to smoother skin shouldn’t be a bumpy one

Have you ever looked in the mirror wishing your skin looked better? How does your skin feel under the tips of your fingers? It is smooth, even and glowing? No?

Would you like it to be?

At Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia, we specialise in helping our patients to achieve beauty beyond what they thought was possible and we understand your concerns inside out.

Skin texture and complexion are the main areas of concern when it comes to achieving a lasting, fresh and youthful look. Beautiful skin can boost your confidence. When you know you look good, nothing can get you. Makeup or no makeup, your glow cannot be diminished.

Getting your skin to that level of smoothness may be a long road, but it doesn’t need to be a bumpy one!

We’re breaking the process down for you in a few steps, first up is Skin Texture.

Skin texture: biggest concerns

When you set out to improve the condition of your skin texture, it usually involves two main areas:

At Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia, we perform various treatments that will help improve these conditions. More importantly, we have the experience and expertise to analyse your skin and texture and be able to recommend the best treatment regime that will give you the optimum results for your price range.

The selection of the best combination of treatments depends on a number of factors:

  • Depth of pores
  • Skin type or colour
  • Skin thickness
  • Timeframe and downtime requirements of the individual

To find the best treatment for your skin, schedule a free consultation with one of our experts!

Improving your pores & fine lines

To repair pores and fine lines, we are not only trying to stimulate new collagen closer to the skin’s surface (where these imperfections occur), but also we try to improve the strength and support of the underlying tissue. The skin has 3 main layers and we’re largely concerned with the first and second layer (epidermis and dermal layer).

What about creams?

Normal skin care creams and serums will help improve the look and hydration of the very top of the epidermal layer, but they are not powerful enough to determine a significant structural improvement in the skin’s strength. They cannot penetrate deep enough.

Their main value lies in improving the skin’s clarity of colour, evening pigmentation and hydrating the surface cells. They are certainly a great aid to skin maintenance, but they are not a substitute for a laser treatment.

Laser treatments

Laser treatments are the most effective procedures when it comes to repairing and smoothing out skin’s surface. Compared to laser treatments, skin peels and Hydrafacials are relatively superficial and, although they do contribute to an overall texture improvement, they cannot substitute an effective laser treatment.

Contact us to find out about laser treatments that can improve the texture of your skin. We offer a complimentary consultation to assess your skin and will quote you on the most economical treatment regime that will give you realistic results.

Smoothing out your acne scars

Skin repair requires multiple treatments and it is impossible to completely remove all traces of scarring. The best results are where the depth, colour and visual appearance of scarring is much less obvious, only visible up close and in certain lights.

There are many treatments that will help improve scarring; we have a wide and comprehensive range of treatments available. When assessing the best combination of treatments, we take into consideration:

  • Scarring depth and type
  • Skin type or colour
  • Skin thickness
  • Timeframe and downtime requirements of the individual
  • Other types of associated pigmentation and redness

Collagen renewal

Skin repair is possible only through collagen renewal. This process implies the removal of “old” skin followed by a technique that encourages the body’s natural production of new collagen tissue. As you may very well think, it is a long-term process that requires multiple treatment sessions. But, with each treatment, you will notice that your skin looks better and better, up to the point when it is completely rejuvenated.

Strengthening the underlying tissue

But stimulating collagen production is not our sole focus. It is equally important to take into account ways of improving the underlying tissue strength and support.

The most effective method to achieve effective repair and smoothing of the skin surface is by adopting laser treatments. At our clinic, we have 5 different types of machines available.

We will evaluate your skin individually and select which type of treatment will give you optimum results.

Is there a shortcut?

The only shortcut that we know is: stop thinking, start doing. All skin repair requires multiple treatments; the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see the results.

Permanent skin repair and smoothing is impossible; your skin is in a continuously changing process. Ageing requires you to stay on top of the changes that are occurring in your body. Regular skin care that is appropriate to your skin type is thus compulsory – don’t put it to the back of your list of priorities until it is too late!

That’s all about skin texture for today, stay tuned for advice on refining, clearing and brightening superficial skin complexion next week.

Call our clinic to find out which treatments can improve your skin texture; alternatively, simply pay us a visit!

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