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Skin Tightening Combo Treatments

May 12, 2017

Skin tightening and skin strengthening is the most important optimal achievement in modern cosmetic medicine. Now days, there are 5-6 different ways of achieving that result and often they’re best combined with 4 treatments. We do commonly involve applying heat or focused heat at different depths of the skin. That heat does two things, it contracts and tightens the collagen network that’s the supporting framework of the skin that’s made of protein and when you apply any of these different modalities or machines to heat the skin it contracts immediately. The strengthen phase happens progressively over months and this is due to the heat also releasing a cascade of events, including the release of growth factors, it’s these growth factors that activate and cause the multiplication of new collagen cells which slowly grow into collagen fibre, adding to the supportive framework of the skin to strengthen it.

We can enhance this with any of these 4 heat treatments – the most common and successful is using focused ultrasound, at different levels we are able to achieve very specific, targeted skin tightening and strengthening.

Another common treatment (not as long lasting) but is a very simple and repetitive treatment is using deep laser energy which causes general heating. It is a very pleasant treatment and we do a series of treatments 1-2 months apart, again with instant skin tightening and some progressive strengthening.

Another way is using projected radio frequency energy using the Thermage machine. We have done thousands of these treatments which are very successful.
A fourth way is using deep radio frequency needling, generally that’s a treatment used where there is surface textural problems with acne, scaring and course pores.

All of these treatments produce skin strengthening by releasing growth factors, it’s the growth factors that cause activation and multiplication of new collagen cells, we are also able to achieve similar results or get synergies of additive effects by using these heat machines in conjunction, and immediately afterwards by adding growth factors.

We can obtain growth factors through the blood with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), there are several ways we can do that. We can also inject stem cells by which we are able to obtain and inject directly into the skin.

All of the skin strengthening treatments (by way of stimulating collagen production) cause the progressive strengthening slowly over a period of 6 months, after 6 months there is no new additive increase, but the stronger the skin, the longer that skin tightening will persevere.

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