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Skin Tightening Treatment Options – Discussed by Dr Cussell

June 2, 2017

Anti-ageing through continuous tightening and strengthening of our deeper collagen network is the most valuable thing we can do to slow down ageing. The most preferable, successful and least invasive treatment nowadays is using the more modern ultrasound method to tighten skin.

There are 5 different ways to tighten skin:
1. Deep laser energy
2. Radio frequency energy
3. Deep RF needling
4. Injecting growth factors into skin
5. Ultrasound

The reason ultrasound is such a simple, successful and painless procedure, is that ultrasound energy can be focused. Modern machines have particular ultrasound heads or transducers that are capable of focusing very precise heat energy at certain levels of the skin. The flexibility and advantage is we can tailor the correct skin tightening and strengthening for the exact and approximate depth of skin, determined by what area of the face or body we are trying to achieve. For instance, the treatment of skin around the eyelid is treated at a different depth to the thicker skin of the cheeks and forehead. Once again, the neck skin is very thin and fragile so we use different depths of transducers. We also can vary the number of ultrasound lines or shots that are used, and can also vary the temp setting.

These are very tailored treatments that require a great deal of experience and expertise to deliver properly and get optimal results. We have had a great history in our clinics as we have performed treatments on many thousands of patients over the last 6-7 years, and are very experienced in obtaining the optimal results. We follow patients very carefully with before and after photos, we aim to maximise and optimise results, and provide excellent customer service so they can attain the cumulative and additive advantage of sequential treatments.

Lift, tighten and strengthen your skin with skin tightening treatments!

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