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Reduce Snoring and Get Better Beauty Sleep

August 31, 2018

After receiving tons of inquiries about a recent post we did on the very real medical applications of beauty treatments, we brought in our Senior Clinician Rachael Drummond for a chat about SleepTight, a snoring program we offer in partnership with Specialist Clinics of Australia, and how it can help you get better beauty sleep.

About 60% of the population snore, which affects their quality of sleep (not to mention the quantity of their partners’ sleep). Most often, snoring occurs when the soft palate at the back of the throat relaxes and hangs down, blocking the airway and vibrating loudly when you try to inhale.

Laser treatments are used on the soft palate to contract the fibres and stimulate collagen production. This lifts and strengthens the soft palate so that it doesn’t hang down into the airway when you sleep, similar to collagen-building treatments used on the face, but laser treatment is only part of the SleepTight program.

“SleepTight is a very unique program,” says Rachel, “we train our patients to sleep on their side and continually guide and support them throughout their journey ensuring the best success possible!” In consultation, she also walks them through lifestyle changes that help ensure better results, such as reducing alcohol intake, which contributes to snoring.

“Not only do patients look better [after SleepTight] but they feel better. The treatments not only reduce snoring to a much more manageable level, but they open up the airways and increase oxygen intake. This is so important for your health as it reduces the risks of cardiovascular disease.”

Sleep is also when your body restores itself. Your body increases the amount of blood flow to the skin while you sleep, which nourishes the skin, reduces dark spots and even helps your skin rebuild collagen (that essential ingredient for plump, youthful-looking skin).

When you fall behind on sleep, your body falls behind on restoration. It affects the quality of your skin and wears heavily on the delicate skin around your eyes. To help with lines, bags and dark circles below the eyes, Rachael recommends a good eye serum that contains vitamin K and arnica to promote better circulation, and hyaluronic acid to hydrate and smooth out lines. You can also give your product a kick-start by adding a treatment like SmoothEye or Ultrasound skin-tightening.

Most importantly, though, is to treat the root cause of inadequate sleep, especially if the cause is snoring. We’ve delivered over 4000 SleepTight treatments for snoring with a 94% success rate with patients who complied with the entire program. As Rachael so rightly states, “it’s when we sleep that we rest, restore and rejuvenate!”

Does snoring affect your sleep?

Come in for a free consultation to find out more about snoring and how we can help!

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