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Spider Vein Removal

Spider Vein Removal

June 22, 2017

Spider vein removal is a specific vascular laser used to reduce and remove the appearance of blue and red spider veins.

Results to expect?
The results are slightly variable, with red spider veins, there is an immediate response from the treatment, however blue veins may take a longer period of time to see results. Directly after the treatment you may experience small amount of redness or darkening of colour in the area (depending on the colour of the vein being treated).

How does it work?
Laser vascular treatments rely on the principle of selective Photothermolysis – the selective destruction of targeted vessels. Laser light is directed at the unwanted veins, causing them to heat up quickly, break down and collapse in on themselves.

What machine is used for this treatment?
We use a 532nm KTP and ND Yag 1064nm laser called the Cutera Excel V. We also have available the Fotona SP Dynamis 1064nm available for blue veins only.

How many do you need?
Treatment recommendation can be between 1-3 treatments.

Do you need maintenance, when and how often?
Vessels can occur back in the area, maintenance can be variable, between 6-12 months on average. Treatment can be performed every 4 weeks on the face and every 6 weeks on the body.

What does it treat?
Blue and red spider veins, also known as thread veins. We can treat multiple areas of the body.

Pre and post care needed?
Pre-treatment care includes no sun exposure to the area two weeks prior and post to the treatment.

Down time?
Possible bruising when treating blue veins.

Who is this good for and why?
The spider vein removal treatment is good for anyone who has spider veins and dilated capillaries, this is commonly used for patients who have rosacea or even post pregnancy.

The treatment starts from $250.

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