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Sunscreen, Makeup, Skincare: How to Combine Them Like a Pro

September 14, 2018

We should all wear sunscreen all year round, but let’s face it, between shorter days, longer sleeps and spending most of our time indoors, many of us are guilty of skipping the SPF in the winter. Here are some tips for reintroducing sunscreen into your skincare and makeup routine as you get out there for this new spring weather!

First, let’s clear up the difference between moisturising sunscreen and moisturisers with SPF. Moisturisers may have an SPF of 30 or higher, but you only get a sun protection factor of 30 if you apply the product generously – much more generously than you should ever apply a moisturiser. Quite often, when we use moisturisers with SPF, we’re only getting a fraction of the protection because we don’t apply as much.

In the morning, it’s best to moisturise, wait a few minutes, apply sunscreen, and then wait a few more minutes before putting on your makeup. This will help the products settle into your skin for less smudging and pilling. You can use the wait-time to brush your teeth, do your hair, or sip some much needed coffee.

If you have normal to oily skin, or if you’re prone to breakouts, you can swap your morning moisturiser out for a moisturising sunscreen, which will also be easier to use with makeup as the nourishing properties will prep your skin for makeup better than a regular sunscreen would.

Brands work differently together, so you should look for a sunscreen that works with your favourite foundation. At the shop, you can put a few different sunscreen testers on your forearm and dab a bit of your own foundation on top. This way, you can choose the sunscreen that lets you blend best.

We recommend looking for an oil-free sunscreen with nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, Vitamins B and C, or antioxidants, but also with sun blocking ingredients like titanium and zinc.

You could also trade your liquid foundation in for a mineral powder, which is easier to apply overtop of sunscreen, plus, it has a lighter feeling for summer and it won’t clog your pores as a liquid foundation might.

However you choose to protect your skin during the day, make sure to cleanse thoroughly and moisturise every night. Stay beautiful, stay safe!

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