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Is your smartphone giving you wrinkles? You may be suffering from the new phenomenon known as ‘Tech Neck’

August 22, 2014

Did it ever occur to you that your smartphone may be giving you wrinkles? It may sound crazy, but specialists are actually noticing significantly more wrinkles around the neck area in younger and younger patients, as a symptom of the excessive usage of smartphones, tablets and other gadgets.

If you ever wondered about what are the long time effects of the usage of smartphones and what you can do to prevent or treat them, read on… We will focus on how to prevent and treat the possible side effects caused by excessive usage of gadgets.

So, What Is The ‘Tech Neck’?

Social Media and technology have changed our lives forever. They changed the way we communicate, the way we read and basically our whole lifestyle. Now we can create and share things we didn’t even think were possible a few years back, and we have to admit we love our new lifestyle and the freedom it gives us!

But how about the downsides? Specialists are noticing more wrinkles around the neck area, at younger ages than usual. This affection was appropriately named “The Tech Neck” and it also manifests itself with other symptoms, such as severe neck, shoulder and back pain.

According to specialists, our bodies are not designed to stay still for very long periods of time, and also many people get into bad postures when using their devices. As a result, severe injuries may affect our spine and muscles. However, it is now becoming apparent that the side effects of bad posture is ultimately having a negative effect on our skin.

Aging of the neck is due to the decrease in elasticity of the skin, and underlying muscle. Looking down at a device or gadget for a long period of time may accelerate this process, creating more neck wrinkles at a younger age.

How Can We Prevent The Tech Neck?

So, what can we do if we love our gadgets and we want to keep our current lifestyle, without having to suffer from all the symptoms of the Tech Neck?

Of course, maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle can help: exercises like yoga or pilates that are focused heavily on posture may actually improve your posture while you use your gadgets as well.

Also, you won’t believe it, but there’s an smartphone app that could help us. Dr. Fishman created a “Text Neck” app which offers real time feedback about whether you are standing in the correct posture while using your smartphone or tablet.

What kinds of treatments or procedures can help us get rid of the neck wrinkles?

If you noticed you suffer from the symptoms of the Tech Neck and you want to know how you can treat them, you should know there are a number of non-invasive medical procedures that can help you regain the look you want.

Liposculpture can help reducing the neck wrinkles by smoothing the loose skin and restoring a more youthful contour to the whole neck area. Liposculpture is a minimally invasive treatment that can help reduce fat cells in the neck area, and therefore it can restore the contour of the neck area. This treatment requires no sedation, and requires no cuts, therefore it leaves no scars.

Also, a non-invasive procedure, such as the Ulthera, which is an ultrasound procedure, can have the desired results by lifting the skin surrounding the neck and jowl areas. It works by contracting the collagen fibres and stimulate the production of new and stronger collagen cells on the long term.

Ulthera is an ideal treatment for the ‘tech neck’ condition, since it can lift, tone and tighten loose skin without doing any damage to the outer layers of skin.

Another option you may want to consider are the fractional lasers. They may be the best option for you if you also have wrinkles or acne scarring. Many clinics, including ours, are reporting excellent results because it can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and the amount of skin treated can be varied. Also, the results can be achieved without the downtime, pain and complications of traditional lasers. The non-ablative fractional lasers, like the Fraxel, have a 2-day downtime, but some people see results faster with the Fraxel. Also, the overall results will improve over 2-6 months.

All these procedures can be performed at the Facial Rejuvenation Clinic, so if you noticed you have new neck wrinkles as a result of excessive usage of smartphones, just give us a call and book now to have a free consultation.

p.s: And, if you are reading our article from a smartphone or a tablet, be sure to keep an eye on your posture and try improving your position to put less pressure on your neck muscles and joints!!

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