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If You Had To Choose 3 Skincare Products, Which Should They Be?

August 18, 2020

With so many products available and such a breadth of active ingredients, we asked our Clinicial Director and founder of RejuvAus skincare, if he were younger, just starting out on his skincare journey, and could only choose three products, which three would he choose?

Here is what he recommends and why:

1. An Exfoliating Cleanser

Whether your skin is dry/sensitive, normal to combination, or oily to acneic, you should be using an exfoliating cleanser, though you may choose a mild, gentle or purifying cleanser <link to cleansers> to suit your skin type.

An exfoliating cleanser will help to remove dirt, oil and debris that builds up, and with a good cleanser, you won’t need an astringent toner.

If you do nothing else for your skin, then you should at least keep it clean and refreshed.

2. An Exfoliating Serum

A leave-on exfoliating serum will help thin out the top layer of dead skin cells on the surface of your skin and promote healthy skin cell turnover.

If you are not yet applying active ingredients to your skin, regular cell turnover will help to keep your skin cells’ metabolic functions working well, and will help keep your skin looking fresh and bright. It can also help to refine coarse, visible pores.

3. A Moisturising UV Sunblock

Nothing looks better in your 50s than wearing sunscreen in your 20s. This is because UV radiation causes cumulative damage to the skin cells that you can pick up walking to the bus stop, sitting by a window or stepping out for lunch.

A UV Lotion with Zinc and Titanium will help provide a physical barrier to block UV radiation. A Physical UV lotion with moisturising properties and active ingredients can help keep your skin supple while it protects it from the sun.

RejuvAus [M1] Super Moisturising UV Lotion contains 18% Invisible Zinc and 18% Tiitanium to block UV rays, as well as Hyaluronic Acid to keep the skin hydrated as well as antioxidants and collagen-building peptides to repair and restore skin from oxidative stress.

Next Steps In Skincare

There are other serums and active ingredients that can help with pigmentation, redness and anti-ageing, Dr Cussell points out, but the three steps to start with should always be an exfoliating cleanse, an exfoliating serum and a moisturising sunscreen.

When you are ready to move on to more active ingredients to nourish the skin cells, Dr Cussell recommends [S1] ABC Repair & Restore Antioxidant Serum. It has Vitamin A to promote collagen and reduce signs of ageing, Vitamin B to soothe the skin and help regulate moisture, and Vitamin C to aid collagen synthesis and brighten the skin. These vitamins are three of the most important and most highly trusted ingredients in medical grade skincare.

Starting out on your skincare journey?

Browse the RejuvAus range and learn how the ingredients work on our webstore!

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