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Your Wedding Beauty Treatment Timeline

March 31, 2021

With the cap lifted on wedding guest numbers, and restrictions eased on dancing, we’re all looking forward to a joyous wedding season! To help you get ready and looking your best, here is a timeline of the most popular pre-wedding cosmetic treatments, and when to start if you want results in time for the big day.

12 Months

Non-Invasive Fat Reduction

Non-invasive fat reduction treatments like CoolSculpting or Ultrasound Fat Reduction can help you get rid of stubborn pockets of fat that don’t respond to diet and exercise. Treating your arms, thighs, abdomen or flanks can be helpful for getting that perfect fit in a tightly-tailored dress.

These treatments can also help reduce a double chin to bring out your natural jawline in a collared shirt.

Most people require 2-4 treatments, and you need to wait 6 weeks in between treatments. After your final treatment, it can take up to 4 months to see your total result, so it’s best to give yourself some time.

6 Months

Non-Invasive Skin Tightening

Performed with Ultraformer, Ultherapy or Thermage, this treatment sends waves of energy to the deeper layers of your skin to stimulate your collagen fibres. The collagen fibres rebuild and regenerate to bring a youthful elasticity and tightness back to ageing, sagging skin. Hence why this treatment is often known as the “non-surgical facelift.”

For mature brides and grooms, or for the mother of the bride, we may recommend more than one treatment to optimise results. In this case, you should start about 1 year in advance as it takes 3-6 months for the full results to come through.

SleepTight Treatments For Snoring

For better or for worse, in sickness and in health, unfortunately doesn’t include in sleepless nights next to a human lawn mower.

Our SleepTight program for snoring includes non-invasive laser treatments to the back of the throat, a small temporary device to help train you into better sleeping habits, as well as lifestyle coaching, all driven by sleep data. Our patients get the most benefit from three treatments and two reviews over six months.

What better way to start your new life together than a peaceful sleep next to the one you love?

3 Months

Skin Care Routine

Skincare is an essential complement to your professional treatments. It keeps your skin healthy and helps you prolong your results. It can also help protect your skin from congestion and keep the surface looking plump and dewy so that it doesn’t crease as much when the skin folds with various facial expressions.

If you don’t already have a skincare routine, this is a good time to start. Your skin cell cycle renews every four weeks, and it can take a full cycle to see your routine making a difference. Each subsequent cycle builds on the results of the previous one.

If you’re using actives like Vitamin A, you may also need to introduce it slowly and let your skin get used to it before going into daily use.

1 Month

Anti-wrinkle injections

It takes 2 weeks to see the full result from your anti-wrinkle injections. To avoid a frozen look, our clinical recommendation is to administer a small amount, and then come back for a complimentary review two weeks later and top it up if needed. This gives you time to check your results, adjust if desired, and let the results settle in so you don’t look “done” in your wedding photos.

Dermal Fillers

Whether you’re considering fillers for fuller lips, youthful volume or jawline contouring, we recommend coming in for treatment about a month in advance. This will leave more than enough time for any swelling to go down, and if you tend to bruise easily, it will allow time for the bruising to go away.

It also gives you time for a little tweak if you need it after the first treatment settles..

Most importantly, getting your filler done early will give it time to settle in and become part of your skin. This is when it starts to look the most natural.

1 Week


Treatments such as Facial Peels and HydraFacials are great way to get your skin glowing before a big event.

Reactions are very rare, but when you have a lot going on right before your wedding day, and you’re potentially feeling a bit stressed, you want to give yourself a few days grace period just to be safe, but not so much time that your post-facial glow wears off. 4-7 days is usually the sweet spot.


Between planning, fittings and catching up with relatives, things can get a little hectic close to the big date. Phototherapy, also known as Omnilux or LED Light Therapy, is one of our most relaxing facial treatments. Shut off the outside world and enjoy a half hour of me-time while you rest under a skin-rejuvenating light.

PhotoTherapy uses different wavelengths that stimulate cellular activity to calm inflammation, fight bacteria or stimulate collagen, so you come out feeling calm and refreshed with a healthy, glowing complexion.

Wedding Packages

To celebrate the upcoming wedding season, we’ve launched some exciting new wedding packages. Choose the treatments that you want to pamper yourself with, and be rewarded with bonus vouchers that you can share with members of your family or with your wedding party!

We also recommend coming in for a consultation to discuss your treatment options and work out a plan with your Clinician to have you looking and feeling your best.

Do you have an important event coming up?

Come in for a free consultation with one of our highly trained Clinicians!

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