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When Can I get Anti-Wrinkle Injections & Dermal Fillers In Sydney Again?

May 26, 2020

As we move through the Australian government’s 3-step roadmap for coming out of lockdown, the question on so many lips is “when can I get them plumped up again?” Cosmetic injectables have been a bit of a grey area.

Anti-wrinkle injections and fillers are classified in Australia as Schedule 4 prescription drugs, which means they’re a medical service that requires a doctor consultation. According to a release sent from the Cosmetic Physician’s College of Australia (CPCA) to its members, restrictions on elective cosmetic medical procedures were lifted as of the 27th of April 2020.

The catch is that so many skin clinics that perform injectables are classified as beauty salons, so they aren’t allowed to open until we get to Step 2 in the government’s plan, which was recently confirmed as the 1st of June. The CPCA’s release states that medical injectables can be performed, but “only within dedicated medical facilities.”

So, where can you get injectables before June 1?

During Step 1 of the Roadmap to a COVID Safe Australia, doctor-led cosmetic medicine clinics that offer medical injectables, such as anti-wrinkle injectables for bruxism (teeth-grinding) and for migraines, are currently allowed to operate. They must follow protocols defined by the CPCA such as social distancing, increased hygiene, patient screening and more. Many of these medical clinics are also experienced in injectables for cosmetic procedures, such as forehead lines and cheeks.

Lips, unfortunately, have to wait until the 1st of June when we enter Step 2. Dr Cussell of Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia explains “both the patient and provider are required to wear masks in our clinic during this time [step 1], so we are temporarily unable to safely inject the lips or the tip of the nose. The safety of our patients and staff must remain our top priority.”

Filler for lips and tips of the nose (as part of a non-surgical nose job) will be available again as of the 1st of June.

Is there any way to make your injectables results last longer?

If you apply a Hyaluronic Acid serum as part of your skincare routine, that can help because fillers are made with the same ingredient, right?…Well, not exactly.

According to Dr Cussell, a Hyaluronic Acid serum can help plump the surface of the skin and keep the skin cells well-hydrated, but it’s long way off from injecting dermal filler. “Fillers have a unique asset that can’t be reproduced by skincare,” he says, “fillers create volume where you’ve lost volume. We have fat pads in our skin, and with age, those fat pads tend to atrophy, and we lose volume, so that’s the best benefit of dermal fillers.”

When it comes to anti-wrinkle injections, anti-ageing serums won’t be as powerful, but they can help.

Dr Cussell explains that “anti-wrinkle injections work by preventing certain muscles from creasing the skin with facial expressions. No skincare will be as powerful as that, but good, medical-grade skincare can help keep the surface of the skin healthier and plumper, so that it doesn’t crease as much.”

He recommends his clients use antioxidant serums (with vitamins A, B and C) and collagen peptide serums to promote collagen, keep the skin healthy and slow the ageing process. He also suggests an exfoliating serum to help your skin renew itself more regularly, and hyaluronic acid to plump up and hydrate the skin cells.

You can also take measures to reduce how much you move and crease your skin in general. Some meditation techniques teach you to relax your muscles, including the muscles of your face, so you can be mindful not to raise your eyebrows as much when you’re speaking. You can also wear sunglasses to prevent yourself from squinting and creating lines that would normally be prevented by anti-wrinkle injections.

Staying Safe

Since restrictions on home visitors have eased, some providers have reportedly offered treatments from home, but buyer beware! While a secret connection for a forbidden beauty treatment may sound delicious, it’s illegal and it can be incredibly dangerous.

A home office cannot provide the same sterile and hygienic environment that a proper clinic can in normal times, let alone with the COVID-19 protocols.

Injectables are a medical treatment, and while adverse effects are rare, they can happen, and they can be quite serious. A filler occlusion in some cases can cause irreversible blindness. “These treatments need to be performed in a medical environment that is well-equipped to handle occlusions and other adverse effects if they occur,” Says Dr Cussell.

If you’re looking for a new provider, a little bit of research can save you a lot of trouble. You can read about a clinic’s practices on their website, look at reviews and contact them to ask how much training/experience their providers have.

Dr Cussell recommends steering clear of anywhere that doesn’t offer you a proper consultation. In NSW, a nurse can provide the treatment, but a doctor consult is a legal requirement on your first visit to a new clinic. Some clinics get around this by having a quick Skype call with a doctor, but “if they’re cutting corners here,” Dr Cussell asks, “where else might they be cutting them?”

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