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Winter to Summer Skin Transitioning Tips

November 10, 2017

In Summer, the climate is drier and warmer with more exposure to harmful UV rays, making it VITAL you adapt your skincare regime to suit!

During the cooler months, many people are more likely to skip their skincare routine because they’re cold and the days are shorter making them feel more tired and less likely to comply with their daily skincare application. The colder climate has a drying effect on your skin, so you must ensure you adopt a high-quality skincare product which has increased hydration properties to protect the skin from drying out. Some use gentle cleansers during these months due to their skin being dryer, more likely to be flakier and sensitive. We recommend the SKINFIT Mild Cleansing Gelmild cleansing gel 120ml

The Summer climate has a higher humidity, which stimulates the oil glands, producing an oilier skin condition. This means your skin needs extra exfoliation to unclog pores and shift dead skin cells  and a lighter consistency.

It’s important to use AHA’s and BHA’s to help exfoliate the skin and loosen up those pesky dead skin cells. We recommend SKINFIT Purify Cleanse. 

For those extra oilier type skins, we recommend using a post cleansing lotion to remove any excess oil after cleansing depending on the skin type. We recommend using SKINFIT Hydra Mist. Just as importantly, it is vital you use a quality Vitamin A serum – Vitamin A is the most important active ingredient in skincare and is shown to be most effective for a myriad of skin problems. Vitamin A Physiologically alters damaged DNA allowing new cells to replicate in a healthier state. Normalises hyperkeratinisation reducing congestion in acne and rosacea sufferers. Provides new collagen formation , creating volume in dermal tissue. Rebuilds damage to structural fibres plumping scar tissue and lines. Compresses distended vessels reducing visibility of damaged vascular network. Normalises over-active melanocytes minimising hyper-pigmentation and regulates sebaceous activity, reducing oil output (again vital in the Summer months). We recommend SKINFIT ABC Restore.

The second most important active ingredient to include in your Summer skincare regime is Vitamin B. This active antioxidant helps to regulate the oil gland and control flow levels as well as helping with reduce pigment formation from the sun. We recommend SKINFIT B Restore.

The third most vital ingredient to include in the warmer months is Vitamin C. This strong antioxidant helps with cell protection, acts as an anti-inflammatory, and reduces redness all stimulated by the sun! It also helps to brighten photo-damaged (sun-damaged) skin. We recommend the addition of SKINFIT Potent C + Liquorice to your serum.

ultra shield plus 250ml

And last, but definitely not least. THE most IMPORANT addition to your Summer skincare regime, is the daily application of SPF SUNSCREEN. Sunscreen with a high SPF factor is a must during your Summer routine, as light is an energy that is found around us all day, and is the number one cause of pigment formation. We recommend  SKINFIT Ultrashield Plus – water resistant 4hrs.


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