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Fat reduction needn't be such a pain

What if you could relax whilst our specialists work to reduce the stubborn bulges of fat on your body? Our fat reduction treatment is a painless, non-invasive combination of lasers and ultrasound technology that targets fat cells without the need for surgery.

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A more sculpted you

Are you ashamed to wear that tight outfit you love because of the fat bulges on your abdomen? With fat reduction treatment you can work towards your ideal figure: a smooth, contoured body shape that looks amazing whatever you’re wearing. We recommend this treatment for removing fat lumps from the abdomen, love handles, buttocks, male breasts, thighs and other stubborn fat deposits.

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Measurable results

Do you exercise and eat healthy, but the fat on your belly, love handles, thighs and arms won’t go away? We use the ideal combination of lasers and ultrasound technology, an improved non-invasive solution for body contouring. With just a few pulses, we can target fat painlessly. Once destroyed, the same fat cells do not regenerate.

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Clinically proven to break down fat cells

Fat reduction treatment is perfect for areas where exercise struggles to make a difference - can you relate? Unlike dieting (which shrinks fat cells), fat reduction treatment breaks the fat cells down. After just 3 treatments our clients report significant fat reduction, however results and experience vary per patient. We will work with you closely to achieve the best results for your individual requirements.

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Leading technology

Fat reduction treatment uses high-end technology that allows a more efficient treatment. It is a safe and reliable procedure which patients report is very comfortable and doesn’t hurt. Additional benefits include a skin tightening effect and cellulite reduction. The Fat Reduction treatment is a combination of 3 treatments in one, suitable for all skin types and much more cost effective than its alternatives.

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Added benefits & Personalised treatments

For long lasting results, we advise our clients to combine the fat reduction treatment with a healthy lifestyle. Our specialists are here to help with specialised nutritional advice and a personalised treatment plan. Depending on your unique body traits, our weight loss specialists may advise the Fat Reduction treatment as an effective alternative to liposuction.

Melt The Fat Away

Our fat reduction treatment brings measurable results. You can now painlessly sculpt your body and regain the confidence in your looks with no surgery, anaesthesia or knives.

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