Reduce your double chin

A double-chin can hide the natural shape of your face and give you a heavier appearance. Reclaim your jawline and enhance your facial profile by slimming down your submental fullness without surgery.

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What causes your chin to double?

The appearance of a double chin, also known as “submental fullness” appears when a layer of fat forms beneath the chin, or when skin below the chin begins to sag. It can be brought on by age, weight gain, weight loss or it might even be genetic.

double chin profile

Enhance your jawline

A more contoured jawline can add definition to the natural shape of your face and allow your best features to stand out. If you’ve recently lost weight, reducing your submental fullness can also enhance your slimmer appearance.

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No surgery, no downtime

At Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia, we have a few methods to treat submental fullness and sagging skin without surgery or downtime. Our expert clinicians offer free consultations to help determine the best treatment options for you.

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