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Contour your jawline & reduce masseters without surgery or downtime

Facial slimming can contour your jawline and bring out a more heart-shaped face without any surgery or downtime.

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Jawline Reduction

Masseter muscles help us to smile and chew. Like any muscle, some of us just naturally have larger masseters. For others, they may get bigger over time through natural use of the muscles, or by excessive clenching of the jaw.

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Facial Shaping

Everyone’s face is unique, which makes your appearance sentimental. If your masseter muscles are larger in size than you like, they can make the face appear slightly rounder or wider than you might like. You may also feel that they hide the natural shape of your jawline.

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No surgery, no downtime

Get a more heart-shaped face and bring out the natural structure of your jaw without any surgery. Simple injectable treatments can help reduce the size of masseter muscles, resulting in a slimmer facial appearance and a more contoured jawline.

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